Strictly Come Dancing 2018 has started

Hooray! Strictly has started again. I absolutely love the BBC programme! Even though I rarely watch it on Saturday nights, because I’m usually performing myself, catching up with the show and the results is top of my list from September to December 😊

10 things to love about Strictly Come Dancing

  1. Learning to dance is a magnificent thing to do. It truly is magical. The show gives its contestants an incredible opportunity and encourages lots of people watching to pick up dancing, too.
  2. I enjoy watching people with no or very little experience dive into the deep end. Seeing how the magical quality of dance begins to manifest in the contestants’ bodies is inspiring.
  3. I find it exhilarating how quickly the contestants learn.
  4. The pro dancers are exceptional! Great dancers, fantastic teachers, lovely personalities. I am so impressed by them, week on week on week!
  5. It reminds me how much I love dance.
  6. I love the drama.
  7. I love seeing people take dance seriously and work hard to achieve their ambitions.
  8. With dance, you may have talent, but you won’t get anywhere without hard work, discipline, and lots of repetition and training. I think those are good, transferable qualities that help people in all walks of life.
  9. I love that Strictly unites the nation from all ages and backgrounds.
  10. I love the fun, sparkle and glamour.

All the Latin and Ballroom dances fascinate me, but my favourite has got to be the Paso Doble.

The Paso Doble on Strictly Come Dancing 2018

The dance is a re-enactment of the Spanish bullfight: the male dancer becomes the matador and the female dancer emulates his cape, or sometimes the woman embodies the bull itself. It’s fascinating and it’s very, very hard to do. What I love about it is the intensity, power and sensuality, aspects that it has in common with Flamenco!

Blogs about Strictly Come Dancing

This year I will share my thoughts on the Paso Dobles performed. I hope you enjoy the show, my writing, and that you will keeeeep dancing (or start a class if you haven’t tried yet 😉). Do let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to know and let me know what you think in the comments!

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