Why I love teaching dance

Earlier this year, I wrote about why I love being a performer. Today, I’d like to put the spotlight on teaching. As a Flamenco dancer and entertainer for parties and events I teach people of all backgrounds and ages. Sometimes it’s just half an hour at a party or event, sometimes a dedicated lesson and sometimes in a series of classes. From children to the elderly and in a variety of settings, I have seen what learning to dance does to people and I want to facilitate this more and more.

Sharing the magic of dance

One time I performed at a 50th birthday party and afterwards mingled with the guests. I noticed a couple sitting at their table looking interested but too shy to get up. I convinced them to join me for just one dance and showed them a few very simple moves they could do together. They stayed on the dance floor for much longer than one dance and afterwards the husband told me he’d never felt like this before and both their smiles where an incredible proof of the power of dance.

This wasn’t really a teaching engagement, but I still remember it, because it perfectly exemplifies what I love about teaching. Dance is wonderful because it brings together the magic of music and the pleasure of moving. I explain what I mean by this in a bit more depth in my post about performing.

Everyone can dance

I’m often struck by how many people believe they can’t dance, that they have two left feet or that they have no talent. Here’s a secret: everyone can dance. Maybe not professionally, but to gain joy from it you don’t have to be as good at it as the pros on Strictly 😉

I understand what people mean and I see that many people feel too inhibited to try themselves on the dance floor. I’m here to change that, both short-term and long-term, because dance is too wonderful to miss out on.

My partner started learning to swing dance a few years ago. Up until that point he felt he had no dance talent whatsoever. Here’s the truth: he didn’t make an incredible breakthrough in his first lesson and suddenly moved like Elvis Presley. But after plenty of repetition, listening to music and simply giving it a go and applying himself, things started changing. One day he wasn’t trying to sort his right leg from the left one anymore, one day he moved in harmony with the music. And that was when he’d transitioned from learning steps to being able to dance.

The joy he gains from it these days is proof for me that noone should miss out on the pleasure and the many benefits of dance. I write a bit more about those in my post about teaching Flamenco at primary school. It’s written about children, but the benefits remain the same for adults too.

Energising people, giving them confidence and making them happy

You start by teaching steps and moves to music. But really what you do as a dance teacher is energising people, giving them confidence and making them happy. Whether it’s for one moment at a party or in a more long-term setting, what matters is helping people let go of their inhibitions and helping them enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

Here’s what my client Johnny from the University of Essex said about my performance and teaching engagement for their European Street Party:

Lucia was incredible! Despite the soggy weather, she brought sunshine with her incredible personality and amazing talent. I absolutely recommend her if you’d like your event to become a party. She got people up and dancing in a way that was inclusive and wonderful. We will definitely be working together again! – Johnny M., University of Essex

If you need any inspiration to start dancing, why not watch Strictly Come Dancing this year?! It started on Saturday. And to give you a taste of what to expect, dip into some of my reviews of the Paso Dobles performed on the show and read my 10 things to love about Strictly Come Dancing.

If you’re looking for entertainment and you’re wanting to host a party full of zest for life, laughter and dancing, get in touch with me.

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