Seann and Katya’s Paso Doble

Stylish artistry

The Paso Doble is a very stylish dance. It has that in common with the way The Matrix was filmed, and still I was surprised how incredibly well the futuristic Matrix theme lent itself to the dance. The artistic concept was excellent.

The slow-motion section

The whole concept was slick, but from the moment that Katya was being lifted up at her ankle, I knew the choreography was unique. What a moment!

Conviction is vital for the Paso.

Seann’s convincing performance was also a surprise for me. He really delivered the stern and serious conviction necessary for the Paso, which I find remarkable from someone whose talents lie with comedy and who comes across so light-hearted in rehearsal and interviews.

With conviction and a great concept in place, nothing much else can go wrong. Seann’s arm movements were very strong and his movements defined and precise. I am curious to see how he will progress, because so far his performances have been quite varied, which is very interesting.

Here’s to dance and artistry, to learning and to surprises!


Seann and Katya’s Paso Doble in Week 3 of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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