Loïe Fuller performance

Hello and welcome to this page. I’m Lucia Schweigert, a professional entertainer and dancer. I have created a unique new entertainment act, a visual spectacle for all your senses.

  • Pure silk costume that captures light and movement
  • Sophisticated and elegant showpiece performance
  • Celebrating expression, beauty and freedom
  • Paying homage to the pioneers of modern dance
  • For corporate events, galas and immersive parties

Loïe Fuller inspired dance performance

The act is inspired by Loïe Fuller, a pioneer of modern dance, who used light, movement and costume to create a visual spectacle. At the turn of the 20th century, she transformed the Folies Bergère in Paris and inspired the Art Nouveau movement.

My creation is a show for events that dream, that have a bigger purpose, that want to push the boundaries of imagination. It’s for celebrations of life and parties that sing the praises of beauty and freedom.

The act is a visual spectacle and a truly unusual show that can be transformed to suit a variety of bold artistic visions through inventive lighting and tailored music.

  • London-based performer
  • Book UK-wide and internationally
  • Film and photo shoots

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Reinterprating Loïe Fuller’s iconic Serpentine, Radium and Fire Dances

The performance is a unique interpretation of Loïe Fuller’s iconic Serpentine, Radium and Fire Dances. This extraordinary performance is defined by its quest for artistic, physical and political freedom. Book this show for an extraordinary and unusual visual spectacular to indulge the senses and celebrate life. The costume is a bespoke creation by Andie Scott that comes to life through movement and light. For more information and booking details, please get in touch.

Loïe Fuller inspired performer for film and photo shoots

I also model for film and photo shoots.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my new show. If you’re interested in discovering more about the background of this performance and what compelled me to create it, I invite you to read my blog about performing this show at the Royal Academy of Arts. To make an enquiry, please get in touch via my contact page or the contact form at the bottom of this page. For answers to frequently asked questions, keep reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The core concept of this performance can be uniquely adapted for each event. You can either let me know your creative vision and I tailor a performance for your requirements or we can join forces in the creative process and discuss the options together.

What colours and lights?

The costume is made from bright white silk, which reflects any lighting wonderfully. Therefore, the show can be lit in any colours and will fit perfectly into your colour scheme.

Which music or soundscape?

From classical music to hard rock and grime, this dance can embody and accompany any music style.

How wild or elegant?

Freedom and life can be celebrated in many ways. Sometimes it’s the quiet voice of a little bird, sometimes the roaring of the ocean. This performance can express many facets of life through movement.

These are ideas to inspire you. Let’s chat to fulfil your unique vision.

Minimum requirements to book this show for your event

  • A performance space of a minimum of 3×3 metres (10×10 feet) and 2.5 metres (8 feet) height
  • A sound system that I can plug my music into
  • Stage lighting (settings to be discussed individually as they are tailored to each performance)
  • A safe, clean floor
  • A safe, clean and warm changing space of a reasonable size

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A unique and exuberant performance

A visual spectacle and a truly unusual show that can be transformed to suit your vision through inventive lighting and tailored music.

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