Flamenco Dancer in London

Lucia is a Flamenco dancer available for hire at weddings, private parties and corporate events as well as for film and photo shoots. Her show can be booked in London, throughout the UK and internationally. She is an extremely expressive dancer and brings lots of passion and fun to any performance. Her dancing is emotive, entertaining and full of beauty.

With numerous performances under her belt, Lucia knows how to work your crowd. In addition to her performance, she can stay on the dance floor to create a lively, exuberant and fun atmosphere. Lucia connects with you and your audience on an emotional level and personifies professionalism.


Professional Dancer

Since graduating from London Studio Centre, one of the UK’s prestigious performing arts institutions, with a BA (Hons) in Theatre Dance, Lucia has performed Flamenco, Brazilian Samba, Charleston and Contemporary Dance for a wide variety of theatre, film, corporate and private clients. Lucia’s Flamenco tutors include Maestras Liza Fernandez and Claudia Acosta and Maestro Pedro Fernandez of Embrujo Academia de Baile in Santiago de Chile, Asunción ‘La Choni’ Pérez in Seville and Rowena ‘La China’ in London.



More about Lucia…

Independent Choreographer

Creating works in the independent contemporary dance world is Lucia’s way of making sense of the world she experiences around her and a fantastic creative outlet. With a strong belief in the power of kinaesthetic empathy, Lucia seeks to create impactful atmospheres visually and physically through music, striking colours and expressive choreography. Learn more.


Co-Founder and Producer of Kaleidoscopic Arts

In 2014 Lucia founded Kaleidoscopic Arts together with fellow dancer and choreographer Konstantina Skalionta. The organisation supports emerging female choreographers with performance showcases, work in progress sharings and professional development activities. Find out more.


Supporting Science and Green Technology

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Lucia follows her second passion after dance – environmental protection – by applying her unique skill set to working for cleantech companies and scientists. The companies and clients she works for shine a light for greater environmental responsibility and equality of opportunity for girls and boys, and create real change in society.


Outside work

In her free time Lucia enjoys exploring London and the surrounding countryside on long walks, going to the theatre, musical and dance performances and spending time with her boyfriend, friends and family.


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