Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Lucia Schweigert. I’m a professional solo Flamenco dancer and love bringing sunshine and high energy to special occasions and outstanding events.

Flamenco dancer in London

I’m an expressive Flamenco dancer and bring lots of emotion, passion and fun to my shows. I have 10+ years’ experience of performing at birthday parties, weddings, corporate and charity events. My dancing is emotive, entertaining and full of beauty. But I’m not “just” a fab dancer. I pride myself in my ability to connect with you and your guests and create a really wonderful atmosphere for everyone.

I deliver stunning, beautiful-to-look-at and rousing Flamenco shows in colourful costumes and lead you and your guests onto the dancefloor with fun, ease and infectious passion.

Explore my shows and testimonials, scroll down to make an enquiry, get in touch if you have a question or keep reading if you’d like to know more about me.

More about me

I grew up in Berlin, Germany, and my heritage can be found in many places from Siberia to Latin America. I came to London, because I was electrified by its energy and wanted to immerse myself within it to find out what I could give to the world.

My contribution is bringing brightness and clarity, through performance, through the highest levels of professionalism and through deep care for my art and craft and the people who book and experience my shows.

I believe in kindness, warmth, full-hearted commitment, hard work, passionate risk-taking and impeccable work ethic.

Professionally trained dancer

I’m a professionally trained dancer. Since graduating from London Studio Centre, one of the UK’s prestigious performing arts institutions, with a BA (Hons) in Theatre Dance, I have performed Flamenco, Brazilian Samba, Charleston and Contemporary Dance for theatre, film, corporate and private clients. My Flamenco tutors have included Maestras Liza Fernandez and Claudia Acosta and Maestro Pedro Fernandez at Embrujo Academia de Baile in Santiago de Chile, Asunción ‘La Choni’ Pérez in Seville and Rowena ‘La China’ in London.

I’m a registered sole trader in the UK, professional member of Equity, DBS checked and carry public liability insurance.

A few photographs from my career so far. Find out more about me below the gallery.

More about me…

Supporting clean technology

In addition to my artistic career, I follow my second passion after dance – environmental protection and sustainability – by applying my unique skill set to being a public relations manager for cleantech companies. The companies I work for shine a light for greater environmental responsibility. They tackle the climate crisis and create real change in society.

Co-founder and producer of Kaleidoscopic Arts

In 2014 I founded Kaleidoscopic Arts together with my fellow dancer and choreographer Konstantina Skalionta. Until 2019, the organisation supported emerging female choreographers with performance showcases, work in progress sharings and professional development activities. Find out more.

Independent choreographer

For several years after finishing professional training, creating works in the independent contemporary dance world was my way of making sense of the world I experienced around me and a creative outlet. I believe in the power of kinaesthetic empathy and created impactful atmospheres visually and physically through music, striking colours and expressive choreography. Learn more.

Outside work

In my free time, I enjoy exploring London and the surrounding countryside on long walks, going to the theatre, musical and dance performances, eating scrumptious food in lovely restaurants and spending time with my partner, friends and family.

Hire Flamenco entertainment for private parties, corporate and charity events

I bring the fire of Flamenco to corporate, private and charity events and make sure all guests are having a wonderful and memorable time.

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