Danny & Amy’s Paso Doble

Danny is an excellent dancer and he’s got real style. It’s great and very impressive when a dancer develops their own signature physicality. Everything Danny dances has a distinct, unique flavour.

Arms in the Paso Doble

For the Paso Doble there is one important thing I was missing in his performance, and that was breadth in his wing span. What I mean is that I needed even more lift under his arms, a wider curve, more strength in his upper body and more separation between his centre and his shoulder girdle.

Musical adaptations on Strictly

I feel that while he was definitely engaged with the dance, I wanted much more intensity in his expression. I wonder if the song choice wasn’t conducive to the Paso feel, because I must admit I was unsure of the musical adaptation. I totally love how the orchestra adapt the songs we know to the given dance style, but on this occasion I was missing more power and depth in the music.

Dance is a means of communication.

Therefore, even though Danny is such a fab dancer and as a dance itself it was very good, it didn’t quite come through to me as a full-on Paso Doble, if that makes sense. Of course, dance is a means of communication and communication depends on both the sender and the receiver and others may feel completely differently about it. There is no right or wrong here. I love and admire any performance people caringly share with their audience. The rest is just detail you can discuss if you so wish. What did you think? Did you get the Paso feel?

Danny and Amy’s Paso Doble in Week 3 of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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