Lucia is a professional Flamenco entertainment act available for hire at Spanish themed parties and more. She also performs a unique modern dance show inspired by the iconic pioneer of modern dance Loïe Fuller.

You can book Lucia’s shows for birthday parties, weddings, corporate and charity events as well as themed and immersive parties and film and photo shoots. Lucia is based in London and performs across the UK and internationally.

  • London-based performer
  • Book UK-wide and internationally
  • Flamenco and modern dance shows
  • Birthdays and weddings
  • Corporate and charity events
  • Themed and immersive parties
  • Film and photo shoots

Flamenco show – from £155

Choose from one or more of Lucia’s celebratory Flamenco dances and bring the passion and drama of Flamenco to your party. Lucia performs in vibrantly coloured costumes and creates a sunshine and fiesta atmosphere that is guaranteed to get your party started. Her Flamenco show is a true showstopper and will give your event a wonderful wow-factor element.

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Flamenco is expressive and celebratory. It encapsulates all life has to offer with passion, drama and beauty. Therefore, it’s the perfect dance to celebrate important milestones in private and work life.

Flamenco fusion show – from £185

Lucia has created a unique show that fuses the expression, colours and passion of Flamenco with the rawness and emotion of contemporary dance. This storytelling dance act is perfect for the large stages of corporate events and charity galas. Lucia performs in a sophisticated, stylish costume; in combination with beautiful lighting, this visually stunning performance elevates your event programme and is sure to mesmerise your audience.

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The fusion of Flamenco and contemporary dance is like diving deeply into the soul. It’s rousing, moving and unique.

Flamenco show or Flamenco fusion show followed by mingling – from £185

In addition to her show Lucia will stay on the dance floor after her performance to mingle and take beautiful pictures with the guests. She creates a super fun atmosphere, engaging and connecting with you and your audience through dance and music. Lucia can also lead a spectacular conga line and even teach a few characteristic, easy-to-learn Flamenco moves. This option is ideal for weddings, Christmas parties, birthday parties and more.

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Flamenco is extremely fun to join in with, even if you’re one of those people that says they can’t dance and have two left feet. I give everyone the chance to feel happy on the dancefloor and to get an endorphin rush.

Meet and Greet – from £30 extra

Before her Flamenco shows, Lucia can welcome your guests in style dressed in one of her beautiful authentic costumes straight from Seville.

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Mingling and the Meet and Greet are great opportunities to take pictures with everyone.

Modern dance spectacular

Lucia performs a unique interpretation of Loïe Fuller’s iconic Serpentine, Radium and Fire Dances. This extraordinary performance is defined by its quest for artistic, physical and political freedom. It’s a visual spectacle and a truly unusual show that can be transformed to suit your vision through inventive lighting and tailored music. For more information, pictures and booking details click here. Also check out my blog about performing this show at the Royal Academy of Arts.

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This show is for events that dream, that have a bigger purpose, that want to push the boundaries of imagination. It’s for celebrations of life and parties that sing the praises of beauty and freedom.

Other services and bespoke entertainment

Lucia can also model for film and photo shoots.

Download the Lucidez Dance PDF including all information about Lucia’s Flamenco shows for parties and events.

Flamenco entertainment for private and corporate Spanish themed events

I bring the passion of Flamenco to birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate, charity and Spanish themed events.

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