Katie and Gorka’s Paso Doble

The first Paso of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Full conviction

Katie started her performance full of conviction and I was so impressed! For someone to turn their nerves around into full-on commitment, the way she did it, is very impressive.

You really can’t do a Paso Doble without committing full-heartedly. It’s in the nature of the dance that you have to give your whole body and heart to it. When you do, it looks great. And Katie’s Paso was fantastic.

Technical progression

As she progresses technically, she’ll be able to invest a lot more in her upper body and achieve what is called epaulement in ballet. It may not be the term used in Latin and Ballroom, and its dictionary definition just calls it the positioning of the shoulders, neck and head, but it’s much more. My jazz dance teacher Ashley Nottingham calls it style! It’s one of those elusive, advanced qualities in dance that comes when technique and passion marry successfully. I have a feeling Katie will get there!

In dance you progress if you give it your all.

What her performance proves, is that in dance you progress if you give it your all. Committing fully allows your body to understand all this new information. It’s like talking to someone else – the other person will only understand if you pronounce each word fully. If you mumble the other person won’t understand as easily and quickly. I know this might sound like an odd metaphor, but maybe some of you out there get such weird analogies. They really work for me at times.

Did you enjoy Katie’s and Gorka’s Paso Doble as much as I did on Saturday? Then share your thoughts in the comments or let me know if you have any questions. But first, let’s enjoy it once more 🙂


Katie and Gorka’s Paso Doble in Week 2 of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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