Dr Ranj and Janette’s Paso Doble

An absolute beginner

It wasn’t virtuoso, jump-of-the-seat, “I have never seen anything like that” dancing, and I like that. It was a solid, beautiful Paso Doble. Simplicity brings clarity. Let’s remember that some of the celebrities are absolute dance beginners. I think you can see in this dance, that dance and the Paso are still new to Dr Ranj – and that’s fine because it’s the truth and the point of the show – but he puts his attention in exactly the right places to great effect.

Paying attention to your teacher

Something I love about Dr Ranj is that he seems to really pay attention to what Janette is teaching him. He seems so invested and caring about each dance he does. As a dancer myself I love it when others take it seriously and invest the due effort and care, while of course having lots of fun with it.

Control, intention and focus

In this dance I sense lots of work has gone into controlling movement and moving with specific intentions. Every move Dr Ranj makes is well-placed, his focus is clear and strong and he really hits every musical accent! It’s hard to do this without becoming stiff or tense, especially with all the adrenaline that performing in front of 8 million people surely produces! He also creates beautiful, broad shapes and brings lots of space into his wingspan.

Dance partnering

I feel that Dr Ranj partners Janette attentively, with care and growing mastery. Partnering is a very special skill. It doesn’t just require dance abilities: in addition to musicality and timing, it requires team work, trust and care. It’s a very advanced skill to develop so quickly and I always think it’s testimony to the Strictly pro dancers and the format of the show how quickly we see incredible partnerships!

Dr Ranj’s development is impressive and such a pleasure to watch. What a journey! I can’t wait to see what Janette and him do together next. But first, let’s enjoy the performance once more.

Dr Ranj and Janette’s Paso Doble in Week 4 of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

This year I’m sharing my thoughts on all the Paso Dobles performed on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Why the Paso Dobles? Because as a Flamenco dancer it’s the dance I most relate to and I love seeing the celebrities grow with its challenges 😊 You can catch up with my thoughts and share yours in my Strictly Come Dancing Blog. I look forward to hearing your ideas and sharing the Strictly love ❤️


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