Why I love being a performer

The reason I love performing so much and why it’s addictive, is that through performing I can make people not just happy but deeply joyous, and that fills me with great satisfaction and pride, sensations that nourish, sustain and fulfil me.


I enjoy the physical effort of dancing and sensing every part of my body. I relish stretching and reaching into all directions. It makes me feel free.

I can dance my joy and celebrate my blessings. And I can also dance my pain and transform it into kind, understanding and supportive energy for myself and the people around me.


Listening to music on its own is a wonderful thing to do. Dancing without music is beautifully pure and expressive. But nothing compares to the feeling that rises from between the music and the dance. It’s more than the sum of its parts and I believe it is like magic. That it is possible for us as humans to create, appreciate and express ourselves physically to music is one of our greatest gifts and I’m forever grateful for our capacity to feel music.


Performing brings together the sensations of dancing and the pleasure of music. As you share the performance with your audience, you amplify the magic. It’s immense that we are capable of sharing so many and such deep emotions with each other and that we’re able to comprehend deep inside what someone else is expressing through their performance.

Then this exciting thing can happen, where the performer “picks up” the audience and the audience starts ringing or vibrating on the same level as the performer. Then the energy from the audience lifts the performer to another level and this exchange keeps going and lifts everyone higher and higher in a rousing spiritual, other-worldly experience. I live for when that happens!


Performing in the theatre or at private and corporate events places a lot of responsibility on us as performers. This evening is important to our audience, it’s a special occasion. And it’s in our hands to give them the experience of a life time. It’s risky, because as much as you practise and prepare, performing live means you’re creating destiny in that very moment. I get a kick out of that risk, out of delivering every single time and out of receiving the positive feedback in form of applause or praise afterwards.

If you’re looking for entertainment and you’re wanting to host a party full of zest for life, laughter and dancing, get in touch with me.

Book a professional dancer for engaging and exciting entertainment.

I perform fun and passionate Flamenco shows as well as unique modern dance experiences at birthdays, weddings and anniversaries as well as charity and corporate events.

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