Entertainment for Spanish themed parties and events

Welcome back to my 10-part series “Planning the perfect Spanish theme party”. I’m covering party planning, food, drink, entertainment, activities, music, decorations, birthday parties, dance parties, and invitations and favours.

This is part 4: Entertainment for your Spanish fiesta.

Entertainment makes events extraordinary

You’ve got your date and venue and you planned the food and drink. This means you’ve covered the basics and are on track to having an amazing party, congratulations!

Every element of party planning matters, but the one thing that will make your party an extraordinary occasion that stays memorable for time to come is your choice of entertainment.

Flamenco dancer

A Flamenco dancer creates a tremendous amount of energy. Nothing compares to the intensity and excitement of a passionate performance in gorgeous, colourful costumes. Such an arresting performance will take you back to your holidays in Andalusia and awaken cherished memories. A sensational performance is a striking and spectactular focal point for your event. The party guests will gather around and join in a shared experience that will etch itself into the audience’s memory and be one of the things everyone will remember about the party and will keep talking about after in the years to come.

Aside from a dance performance, a Flamenco dancer can also host a meet & greet, which sets the tone for your party and lets the guests know from the very beginning that tonight is a special occasion. The Flamenco dancer can also lead the guests through lots of interactive activities. But I’ll share more on that as well as more detailed ideas for the meet & greet in the next blog post of the series.


The Flamenco guitar is evocative and poetic. A guitarist can create a powerful atmosphere and tell a million stories from anguish to joy with their music. A guitarist can play in the background or take to the stage depending on your preference. Having a live guitar performance is sophisticated and stylish and establishes that tonight is special and not like any other. If you’ve ever witnessed a live guitar concert, you’ll know that it can give you goosebumps and move you deeply.

Things to consider

When deciding what entertainment works best for your event, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. What atmosphere do I want to create? What style of event do I envision?
  3. Do I want background entertainment or entertainment that creates a focal point?
  4. How much space do I have?
  5. What type of floor do I have?
  6. What kind of sound system is available and what are the sound conditions?


I’ll be honest: entertainment isn’t cheap. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but quality entertainment has its price and for good reason. I wrote a blog post about how much entertainment costs and why to illustrate why it’s a worthy investment.

Type of event

Your Spanish fiesta may be a sophisticated dinner party or a celebratory dance party. It might be an awards ceremony, care home entertainment or a birthday party. This will inform the kind of entertainment that works best for you and whether that should be background entertainment or entertainment that creates a focal point, or both.


The space, floor and sound influence what’s technically possible and will therefore also have a bearing on your final decision. It’s best to speak to your suppliers about this as they’ll be happy to advise on your specific venue and vision.

I hope this post helps you choose the right entertainment to make your party extraordinary! Next week, I will write about activities for your party. Stay tuned and let me know how your planning is working out or if you have any questions in the comments.

If you’re planning a Spanish theme party and want your guests to dance the night away, then browse my shows and get in touch.

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