Party activities for Spanish themed events

Welcome to my 10-part series “Planning the perfect Spanish theme party”. I’m covering party planning, food, drink, entertainment, activities, music, decorations, birthday parties, dance parties, and invitations and favours.

This is part 5: Party activities for your Spanish fiesta. All these ideas work for a variety of events, from children’s birthdays to corporate events and from weddings to care home entertainment.

Become a matador and channel your inner Carmen

Create your own photobooth with Spanish accessories. This way you’ll ensure you have beautiful and memorable pictures from the party. Also, if this is important to you, it can help restrict phone use to a specific area so you can all be in the moment and off technology for the rest of the party.

  1. Choose a well-lit spot
  2. Decorate it with flowers or Spanish theme accessories
  3. Create props suited to the occasion
  4. Write a board with instructions
  5. If you have a polaroid camera position it by the accessories

Your props could include a speech bubble wishing “Happy birthday [name]” or “Happy anniversary” and other more personal quotations depending on the occasion, a Dalí moustache, Spanish fans, torero capes and jackets and a Cordovan hat (Cordobés).

Learn Flamenco at your party

As a professional dancer I love sharing my passion for dance with others. A party is a great opportunity to try something new just for fun. Give it a go and express yourself. I can get everyone on the dancefloor and join in informally following along with improvised moves or I can teach a short piece of choreography. We’ll take the party around the entire venue with a fun conga line, my speciality 🙂

Create your own traditional Flamenco experience

Flamenco is a family and friends experience. Everyone gathers around while some of the group start dancing, clapping and singing. Everyone cheers on and encourages the performers. It’s a great bonding experience with a wonderful community feel, which works wonderfully at children’s birthdays, community and school events and for corporate team building.

Play the piñata

A piñata is more associated with Mexico than Spain, but can still be a nice addition to your Spanish theme party. You can make it yourself as a DIY project. Sustainable lifestyle expert Amy French has created a fun guide to making an ecofriendly piñata.

Dance the Macarena

The Macarena is a song by the Spanish duo Los del Río. Where you around when it became a party classic in the 1990s? To prepare for your party, learn the Macarena steps with choreographer Mia Frye.

I hope this post has given you fun ideas for things to do at your Spanish theme party. Let me know in the comments, which ones you’ll give a go and how it went! Next week, I’ll write about music for your Spanish theme party and so far I have covered party planning, food, drinks and entertainment for your Spanish fiesta.

Are you planning a Spanish theme event and looking for Flamenco entertainment? I invite you to read my testimonials and get in touch.

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