How much does entertainment cost?

Quality entertainment has its price. I’m not saying it has to be crazily expensive, I just want to be honest and clear that good entertainment can’t be cheap. Think of it as a special treat for special occasions. I hope this post gives you an understanding of what goes into putting on an incredible performance for you, and that it will reassure you that your investment is well-made 😊

Great entertainment lifts your party from a good one to an incredible one. Great entertainment makes an event unforgettable. Great entertainment is like the difference between an alright buffet and food that makes everyone comment on the exquisiteness of it all!

A good entertainer has trained professionally just like you would in any other profession. We also continue to train by taking regular class and traveling to masterclasses and workshops. Additionally, we hire dance studios to practice our skills, to rehearse our choreographies for upcoming shows, to refine existing performances and to develop new shows. This is a time-consuming process without any shortcuts, because every entertainer worth their money is ultimately an artist and an athlete. Just like athletes entertainers must always stay in top form and continuously train and grow.

Artists must hone their skills and nourish their creativity. Athletes must train their bodies and push their physical boundaries. Entertainers do both.

We source and maintain quality costumes. They are durable, gorgeous garments that have to stand high demands and therefore low quality just won’t do.

Show time itself may only be half an hour or even just a few minutes, depending on what type of performance you choose for your event, but remember that our fee also covers our stand-by time, travel time as well as preparing quotes, answering questions and advising our clients. Ultimately, the value you get can’t be measured in minutes; instead, it must be measured in terms of its impact.

Don’t measure the price of your entertainment in minutes. Measure it in impact.

Do you remember your favourite show-stopping performance from the MTV Music Awards? Such a moment is only a few minutes long, but it’s a memorable, intense experience that you’ll keep coming back to. And if you’ve ever seen a “Making of” documentary of such a performance, you’ll know the hours of preparation that go into such a 5-10 minute set. It’s the same with the entertainment you book for your important occasions.

So, how much does my Flamenco entertainment cost? Find out in my FAQ and then get in touch to book. I look forward to hearing from you and bringing great entertainment to your event 💃🏾

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