Should I have a winter wedding ?

Things that can go wrong at a winter wedding

What’s the worst that could happen at a winter wedding? I once attended a wedding in December and the weather forecast predicted a blizzard. Guests from all over Britain left their homes extra early and everyone arrived at the venue on time. Everyone. Except the bride who of course lived locally, just a short drive from the venue. And that, 30 minutes before the ceremony was to start, was when the blizzard struck and blocked all roads for 3 hours…

The guests were stuck at “before-the-ceremony” stage. No drinks, no food, no bride. We soon skipped the ceremony (for the time being!) and proceeded to reception. Drinks at last, but alas no food…

The best winter weddings

Does this sound like a wedding gone all wrong to you? It shouldn’t. It was one of the most beautiful weddings ever!

Today, when we think about this wedding, we laugh about all the drama and remember the bride’s magical entrance, the ceremony’s beautiful backdrop and everything afterwards. The venue was a gorgeous orangery with views of the absolutely stunning looking winter wonderland grounds. Amongst which appeared the bride (with a gorgeous winter wedding cape, so she wasn’t too cold; not that I think she was feeling cold with all the excitement. She was radiating 😊 ). She appeared to be gliding through the beautifully landscaped garden.

It truly was a fairy-tale entrance.

Why you should have a winter wedding

The morale of this story is that when things go wrong, the experience gets even better. Everyone pulls together, family and friends bond more, the experience deepens and the memory is just the best. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t plan to perfection, just that if you’re planning a winter wedding, don’t fear anything. Embrace it.

Winter wedding entertainment

Are you having a winter wedding? If you’re looking for a special touch for your wedding entertainment, fire up your winter wedding with a fiery Flamenco performance.

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