How to throw a Spanish Theme Christmas Party

Go to sunny Spain for your Christmas party ☀️💃🏽

I love a good Christmas party. While a traditional party is timeless, to mix things up, why don’t you create a Spanish summer fiesta this year? In this blog, I share all my knowledge to create a super fun and unique party.

Why Spanish theme parties are THE BEST

I know I’m biased, but a Spanish theme party really is such fun. And it’s easy to accomplish while at the same creating a big impact. In short: great food and drink, wonderful colours for your dress code and decorations that also fit perfectly with Christmas, perfect music for dancing the night away and great entertainment options.

5 things to consider to bring the Flamenco fiesta to your party

1. Venue

For your venue choose one of London’s many excellent Spanish restaurants or transform your office. Some of my favourite restaurants in London are Mesón Callejón in Angel, Barcelona Tapas in Aldgate, Hispania in the City, the new BiBo in Shoreditch as well as Tapas Brindisa, Ibérica and Camino with many location across London.

2. Food and drink

Spanish food is yummy and excellent party food because it’s great for sharing. Throw a Spanish tapas party if you just need small bites or go all out with a real paella in a massive pan!

Tapas and paellas are also great for catering to all dietary requirements easily (rice is gluten-free!) with no concessions on scrumptiousness.

Spanish drinks are delicious too and come in a perfect variety to cater for all preferences. Sangria is the ultimate party drink. Cava is a great alternative to champagne and prosecco for a festive toast. Of course, Spain offers a great selection of wines and artesanal beers have been up and coming for a few years too.

I had the pleasure to perform at parties that were catered for by Paella Fella. If you’re in the South East, have a look at their offer. Another option north of London is Tapas Culture. And wherever you are, if you want to treat your crowd to something extra special, consider a jamón tasting with Spanish Ham Master Jose Sol, who brings passion and great energy to his events.

3. Decorations and dress code

The venue can help you with decorations or you can get creative with fans, flowers, hams, hats and other elements. Think Don Quixote, bull fights and Flamenco! I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to outside-the-box yet achievable ideas. Be inspired with my decoration ideas for a Spanish theme party.

Most importantly, the colours red and gold work perfectly with Christmas decorations, don’t you think? They also flatter everyone, can be dressed up and down, and if you can’t go without them, they allow you to wear Christmas jumpers to the party 🙂

If you wanted to be more creative than just colours, you could share my ideas for Spanish theme fancy dress with your colleagues. Read what to wear for a Spanish theme party including an inspirational Pinterest board illustrating all my ideas. Since it’s Christmas, you can always add a Santa’s hat, tinsel, glitter and baubles to christmassify your costume!

4. Music

For your music, choose a mix of Flamenco, party classics and Spanish evergreens including Spanish guitar versions of Christmas carols.

Depending on your crowd you can go back in time and add cheesy summer hits (I’m thinking Venga Boys and the Macarena…). Or you can go with something more stylish and current and mix in Latin music, Reggeaton and R’n’B. Either way, check out the Gipsy Kings for Flamenco pop music.

I will help you create a list that everyone will enjoy and together we can decide which Christmas songs you can’t go without and which ones you’ll be happy to not hear 😉

5. Entertainment

And for your entertainment, choose yours truly haha 😉 I will not just bring the fire and passion of Flamenco dance to your party, I will also help with icebreakers and make sure everyone has a great time dancing the night away at your Christmas party. You know that slogan, that’s been going around on social media? “Trust me, you can dance. ~ Tequila”. I disagree, you don’t need Tequila, you just need a great entertainer, who knows how to get a party started. Of course, you can still have Tequila!

For your entertainment, I offer performances to traditional Flamenco music and also performances to Flamenco versions of Christmas carols as a special seasonal surprise.

I hope this blog has given you a good overview and helps you plan your Spanish theme Christmas party. All that remains for me to say is, check out my testimonials, get in touch with any questions and have a wonderful festive season and Happy New Year!

Warm wishes,

Lucia, the Flamenco dancer

Book Spanish entertainment for your Christmas party

I create celebratory and fun Flamenco shows in colourful costumes and would love to help you create a stand-out Christmas party for your friends and colleagues. Check out my testimonials and then get in touch.

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