What to do if it rains on the day of your party?

Last week I performed at the University of Essex’ European Street Party.

The weather was dreadful, there’s simply no other way to describe it or to make it better. It kept changing from a light miserable drizzle to heavy rain and back at under ten degrees Celsius, in May… How did we ensure that everybody who came still had a great time and danced the night away?

My 3 top tips for what to do when it rains on the day of your party

  1. Plan a covered space – a large marquee, a roofed terrace, a covered dancefloor or an indoors alternative
  2. Provide pretty rain capes or stylish umbrellas for those parts in the day that can’t be covered, e.g. the walk from church to reception – your guests will be thankful, and it’s a fun photo opportunity too
  3. Book experienced entertainers who know how to rally everyone to have a great time – a good entertainer has the ability to bring sunshine to your party, to make everyone forget the weather and celebrate the occasion with abundant fun and zest for life

If you’re planning your wedding party or know someone who is organising a summer party, consider the entertainment early on as it will be key to making your day fabulous.

If it rains on your wedding day

As an event organiser, bad weather can be perceived as your worst enemy. Particularly when it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding or a big landmark birthday you want everything to be perfect including the weather. But how can you control the uncontrollable?

How can you control the uncontrollable?

The good thing with private parties and such landmark moments is that your guests will come no matter what, because everyone knows how important it is to you and everyone will bring their best spirits to the party. A few years ago, I attended a winter wedding where the bride got snowed in on the way to the ceremony… find out what could go wrong at a winter wedding and if you should have a winter wedding in one of my older blogs.

If it rains on the day of your summer party

At a public event, bad weather will most likely mean a smaller turnout. That’s what happened last week at the Univesity of Essex’ party. Even though all was perfectly organised, the weather meant that fewer people came than the organisers would have wished, but those that did and I, we had a most fabulous time dancing our hearts out. Thanks to the brilliant entertainment booked, including yours truly 😉 , it became a night to remember and everyone who’d come was very happy they had braved the weather.

What my last show made me realise yet again is that, of course, you have to plan meticulously for an important party, but you can’t control everything. However, with the right preparation and, more importantly, the right mindset you can create an amazing time for everyone even under less than perfect circumstances.

See what Johnny from the University of Essex had to say about my impact on the event or book your Flamenco entertainment now.

If you’re planning a Spanish theme party and are interested creating a special highlight, I invite you to browse my Flamenco shows and get in touch.

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