How to do a conga line

One of my favourite parts of providing entertainment is staging the conga line! I LOVE it.

There’s a secret art to knowing how to start a conga line and to finding the perfect moment for it. When you perform in a group facilitating the conga line is quite easy, because several of the dancers can get it started simultaneously and then join forces. As a solo performer the challenge is a little bit bigger. I usually get the happy couple or client involved at first and then kids are my greatest helpers, because they love joining in.

The best conga line songs

Of course, you need an awesome conga line song and I always have a few favourites lined up on my playlist, for example Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings! I think it’s a really important part of any great celebration, because it’s a really fun moment that gets everyone together. Also, it’s a proper group effort and a great achievement when everyone ends up on the dance floor together again at the end. And those that can’t join in enjoy it too, because we travel round their parts of the venue and create such a fun atmosphere throughout the entire space not just on the dance floor.

My top tip for a great party memory

Don’t try to take pictures! Because since everyone is moving, pictures will most likely be very blurry and not turn out so well. Instead, try a short 10-30 second video! That’s a really fun memory to share and keep looking back to.

Are you ready to party like it’s 1999? Then you need a conga line at your party! Have a look around my website and get in touch to book Flamenco entertainment for your party.

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