Flamenco for a party

If you love Spain, its food, music and dance, then a Spanish themed party is a great idea for your next big birthday.

Food for a Spanish theme party

There are catering companies out there who will cook authentic paellas in giant pans especially made for parties. In addition, you can serve a variety of tapas. Both paella and tapas are great for serving vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, meat, fish and seafood diets. I will soon perform for a client who has booked Paella Fella, I’ll let you know how it went.

Drink for a Spanish theme party

Good quality Spanish wine can be bought in all the major supermarkets and in specialist wine shops, and sangria recipes are easy to find online. You can find out how to make sangria on the BBC Good Food website.

Entertainment for a Spanish theme party

With food and drink covered, you’re only missing your entertainment. Spanish and Latin pop music are super fun and work well as background music and to get your guests up and dancing after dinner.

When I ask my clients why they booked my show, they usually tell me they wanted a special something. I like that. I bring a special something!

Flamenco for a Spanish theme party

You can choose between “just” a performance or a performance followed by mingling. When you book just the performance, your guests can sit back and relax to enjoy a world-class dance show. It creates a focal point and highlight for your party. When you book the show followed by mingling, in addition to my show, I will get everyone up on the dancefloor. It’s a great opportunity for taking pictures and most importantly a great start to dancing the night away. Depending on your crowd I can teach some easy-to-follow Flamenco steps or even a little routine. Of course, we will always do a spectacular conga line!

Something special for a birthday party

I pride myself in being not just a fab dancer, but my ability to connect with the guests and create a really wonderful atmosphere for everyone, which is great for birthday celebrations. Read the testimonials for my Flamenco entertainment to see what my clients thought about what I brought to their celebrations.

Meet & greet Flamenco style

Another interesting option for larger parties is a meet & greet, where I welcome your guests to your party dressed in one of my beautiful Flamenco costumes from Seville.

I hope this post has inspired you for your next landmark birthday party. Get in touch if you would like to book my Flamenco show for your party.


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