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I recently took the ‘Photography: Developing Your Eye’ blogging course from The WordPress Blogging University and used it as inspiration to create a few posts that tell you a little more about me. I hope it helps you get to know me through the power of photography! Every post is prompted by a theme from the challenge. The next theme was ‘Connect’.



In my last post I wrote about the human need for bliss and pleasure. Right up there is our need to feel connected. It’s often said that modern life can feel lonely and isolated. I think that’s true and therefore we must make a special effort to get together as families, as friends, as communities and ultimately as a people of our country and the world. Celebrations are a great way to do that. We need them in our lives, because sharing those special moments with the people who matter to us deepens our connections with each other and gives our lives meaning.

My job is ‘just’ to provide some entertainment, but it’s so much more than that. The entertainment industry helps people celebrate what’s important in their personal lives and I take that responsibility very seriously. I love interacting with the audience and bringing everyone together on the dancefloor. For that you need to build trust and connection within an instant and I pride myself in always creating a fabulous, joyful atmosphere anytime, any place and anywhere.

Find out more about my speciality and learn how to do a conga line 😉


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