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I recently took the ‘Photography: Developing Your Eye’ blogging course from The WordPress Blogging University and used it as inspiration to create a few posts that tell you a little more about me. I hope it helps you get to know me through the power of photography! Every post is prompted by a theme from the challenge. The final prompt was ‘Architecture’.



This theme took me back to Andalusia. How could it not! If it wasn’t for Flamenco, I’d return time and again for the beautiful streets, gorgeous buildings and fantastic landmarks. The atmosphere in the streets of Seville absolutely enthralled me. There was such an abundance of beautiful architecture, that it’s a saturating feast for the eyes. This is a gate in the complex of the Monasterio de la Cartuja, where I visited Seville’s modern art museum. When you go to the South of Spain, you must visit it.

This was the final post in the series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts and that they’ve given you a bit of background about me. I’m a Flamenco dancer specialising in bringing Flamenco to parties and events and helping everyone have the time of their lives 😊 If that sounds like your cup of tea, explore my Flamenco shows for parties and events and get in touch with me.


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