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I recently took the ‘Photography: Developing Your Eye’ blogging course from The WordPress Blogging University and used it as inspiration to create a few posts that tell you a little more about me. I hope it helps you get to know me through the power of photography! Every post is prompted by a theme from the challenge. The penultimate prompt was ‘Colour’.

Lucia's Dance Shoes


I loved this prompt! I’ve usually got these nicely ordered at the bottom of my costume wardrobe, but for this picture I took out all my dance shoes, piled them up and put my favourite ones, my red Flamenco shoes, on top. Do you like the colour pop?

Flamenco is my greatest dance passion, but I have trained professionally in Theatre Dance and so I also take class in ballet and jazz for which I have ballet and pointe shoes as well as jazz trainers. Morning pro class keeps me challenged and allows me to continually push my physical boundaries, which is very important as a dancer of any style. I must admit the tap shoes in this image have not been in use for a long time. I enjoyed learning tap at dance college, but I never became a pro at it. Nowadays, aside from Flamenco, I also perform Charleston and Brazilian Samba for which I have so-called New Yorkers (very versatile heeled dance shoes) and platform heels. In the picture you can also see tango and ballroom shoes. That’s because in my free time I enjoy a Tango and Swing Dance class here and there, the latter is a passion I share with my partner and our wedding dance was a fun 1920s Charleston 😊

What’s your favourite dance style? If it’s Flamenco, then have a look at my Flamenco shows for parties and events!


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