Lauren and AJ’s Paso Doble

Lauren’s and AJ’s Paso Doble was very powerful. It oozed determination and focus and I enjoyed how Lauren embodied her commanding character with full conviction.

Main challenges of the Paso Doble

One of the main challenges in the Paso Doble is that it needs to be strong, intense and powerful as well as sharp and staccato without ever being stiff, tense or stompy. It might not sound so difficult, but while full-blown professional dance technique doesn’t inhabit the celebrity’s body just yet, it’s very difficult to achieve this quality.

Two elements of dance

Lauren had no difficulty with strength. She had great posture and moved with athletic prowess. What I would love to see her develop next is more breadth in her movement. What do I mean by this? I would like to see the energy she has inside her centre expand from her centre to her back and out into her limbs all the way through to the fingertips and feet.

I want to see the music stream through her body. This may sound a bit too esoteric, but it’s what makes the difference between well-executed movement and true dance. It’s an elusive quality, an energy that goes beyond athletic or gymnastic ability. I suppose it’s the artistry side of dance.

Dance is a marriage of athleticism and artistry.

It’s great to see Lauren learn to use her body, so used to extreme demand and incredible achievements, in a completely different way, to witness her discovery of how to express artistry through physicality. And it’s even greater to see how much she enjoys the journey 😊 It’s very exciting and exactly what Strictly should be all about for a gold medallist who’s trained her body and mind to achieve extraordinary athletic feats!

Lauren and AJ’s Paso Doble in Halloween Week (Week 6) of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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