Joe and Dianne’s Paso Doble

I love this guy! It’s his investment and total commitment that get me every week!

What a strong start to the Paso Doble. It sets the scene for an epic effort and a great performance.

Commitment and investment

I wish I was a poet and could write more beautiful words about how important investment in dance is. I know I keep going on about it, but it is the single most important thing when it comes to improving in dance. Everything else flows from it. If you’re not so confident, or if you’re nervous or unsure, commitment can get you through and access the enjoyment of dance every time.

Joe started out as a complete beginner and you could tell in week one. It’s now week six and you can’t tell anymore whatsoever. The transformation is incredible.


In this dance his musicality is spot on, because he moves with decisiveness and without any hesitation. Musicality doesn’t just mean to step and move on the right counts, although that’s the foundation, it’s how you move through the music and how you move onto the beat. For instance, sometimes you flow through beats, at other times you punch the beat with your movement. Joe is proving in this Paso Doble that he is physically understanding complicated and complex dynamics. It’s a huge achievement.

Sophisticated movement and attentive partnering

His port de bras, how he carried his arms, was strong and broad. And his core strength is radiating through to his extremities nearly all the time. I did agree with Craig that there were very brief moments, in which his movement quality was not as sophisticated as throughout the vast majority of the dance, e.g. when he led Dianne down onto the floor or when he led her turns. This is absolutely excusable though, because I love his concentration and the attention he pays to her! He seems a great partner who Dianne can put her trust in without doubts.

I loved the performance on Saturday, but it actually gives me goosebumps now to watch it again! So, without further ado, let’s watch this great dance once more 😊


Joe and Dianne’s Paso Doble in Week 7 of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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