Flamenco dancer for Spanish theme Christmas parties

It’s six months till Christmas today! 😱 Can you believe it? I know it feels too early to plan, but when news about Strictly Come Dancing’s new judge (!) were announced yesterday, I realised that if Strictly isn’t far off, then Christmas won’t be far behind. 🙂

A Spanish theme Christmas party is great for many reasons

  • Fun and easy to accomplish
  • Scrumptious and versatile food catering for all dietary requirements
  • Wide selection of wines, spirits, cocktails and artisan beer
  • Spanish restaurants often offer party space
  • Golden and red accessories make an office transformation easy and fit in perfectly with Christmas!

If you have signed a contract with a Spanish partner or client, you wish you could’ve gone on holiday in Spain this year, or your newest employee or CEO is Spanish or you just want to have an exciting, fiery Christmas party, then hosting a Spanish theme Christmas party this year is a great idea.

High-energy Flamenco choreographies for festive Christmas parties

  • Traditional Flamenco dance
  • Contemporary fusion Flamenco
  • Flamenco to Christmas music for a fun twist on tradition
  • Audience interaction to break the ice and get everybody dancing

My Flamenco shows are exuberant and celebratory. I want to transport my audience to sunny Andalusia and make them feel the sunshine on their face. My job is done when everyone in the audience has a smile on their face, feels uplifted and energised. Have a look at my shows to be inspired. I offer stand-alone entertainment and also shows combined with interaction. Getting everyone involved and enjoying themselves is my speciality!

Colourful costumes to add even more sparkle to festive Christmas lights

My costumes for Christmas parties are bright and colourful. They are a feast for the eyes and create a beautiful highlight at festive dinner parties. I source my costumes from Andalusia in Spain, the heartland of Flamenco, to provide the highest quality costumes. My dresses were tailor-made for me by a seamstress in Seville.

Covid-safe entertainment for Christmas 2021

I have created a page about my health & safety measures during the pandemic to reassure my clients that I’m taking all the possible precautions. As a solo performer keeping a safe distance is easy for me, and my Flamenco dance shows are a Covid-safe entertainment option for pubs, restaurants and office parties.

Some dance styles need lots of dancers to create the right atmosphere, Flamenco is meant to be performed as a solo dance and creates all the passion, energy and abundance you need to make your party exciting and memorable.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and even just creating the connection will make planning easier later on. I wish you a wonderful summer and happy planning.

Lucia, the Flamenco dancer 💃🏽

Book Flamenco entertainment for a Spanish theme Christmas party

If this post has inspired you and you’re interested in booking Flamenco entertainment during the festive season, I invite you to get in touch now while the choice for dates is still very open.

Fill in the form below to make an enquiry and receive a personalised, no obligation quote. Not ready to make an enquiry yet, but like to know more? Please get in touch with me via the contact page.

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