Health and safety during the pandemic

On this page I would like to give an overview of the measures I’m taking to keep my clients, their guests and myself safe in this unprecedented time. I hope it reassures you and gives you an idea what’s possible now and what isn’t.

In short, I think that while we have no treatments and vaccine some shows are possible, but very differently from what we’re used to. But I’m also positive that treatments and a vaccine will be with us soon and that next year we can celebrate the way we wish to again!

For more detail, please read on and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What I do to ensure the safety of my clients and their guests, as well as my own

Keeping a physical distance from others is the best thing I can currently do to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, I’m washing my hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds as it helps prevent the spread of the virus and bacterial infections. I do this regularly, but at least when coming indoors, before eating, after sneezing or coughing and after visits to the bathroom. Being outdoors is safer than indoors. Indoors and when a distance of more than 2 metres is not possible, I wear a face mask correctly positioned over my nose, mouth and chin. I carry tissues with me at all times to catch and bin sneezes and coughs.

What these measures mean for my shows

✔️ I can perform my Flamenco shows if the venue or location is large enough to perform several meters away from the audience. The size of the audience will depend on government guidelines.

✔️ I can teach groups of people if the venue or location is large enough for me and participants from different households to be far enough apart. The size of the group will depend on government guidelines.

✔️ I can model for photo and film shoots if the production team adheres to government guidelines.

✔️ I can take socially distant pictures with my client and guests. Usually we would take pictures closely together, now we have to be more inventive and I have thought about some fun ideas of socially distant poses!

✔️ I can still give my client and their guests fans to hold for pictures. I clean them before and after performances and will wrap them up for the client/guests to open them themselves.

❌ I can’t mingle with the guests, do a conga line or take pictures closely together.

❌ I can’t give my clients a handshake on arrival and hug upon departure, but I will still radiate friendliness and professionalism and a big dose of warm and celebratory energy!

Additional measures

I always speak on the phone to potential clients. Only that way can they truly assess my professionalism and I can get a good idea of what they really envision for their celebration. In addition to the usual chat, this will now include an honest exchange of our expectations regarding health and safety and I will do everything outlined here + discuss further ideas to ensure safety my client may have that I haven’t covered here. I will also refuse any enquiries where I feel that clients don’t share my understanding of health and safety.

I also usually speak to the venue manager to make sure all arrangements have been made. This will now include a chat about their measures to ensure I comply upon arrival.

Of course, should I or my partner (the other person in my household) or someone I have met develop any symptoms in the run up to the show, especially in the two weeks beforehand, I will let my client know immediatelly. If this happens too close to the show (within two weeks), I will cancel and refund the client’s deposit payment. I expect the same of my client.

My personal choices

Washing my hands upon arrival, before eating and after sneezing or coughing and after visits to the bathroom is a habit of mine since childhood as my parents instilled a strong sense of hygiene in me. In addition, I now carry alcohol hand sanitiser for additional hand cleaning when going out.

Personally, I have decided to only meet friends outdoors for the time being. I don’t meet groups of friends yet, but only individually because I find it easier to keep a safe distance. I don’t use public transport (except to get to shows) and cycle and walk everywhere I can. I don’t go shopping indoors (luckily we live near a farmers market), except for the occasional supermarket visit where I wear a face mask, keep a safe 2m distance and get everything I need as efficiently as possible. I had started taking professional dance class again before the second lockdown. These were taught in compliance with government guidelines, but I’m aware that they’re more risky than my other activities, which is why I’m being so strict on those.

I am hopeful and positive that treatments and a vaccine are on their way. I know that this time has been incredibly tough for many and share a few more thoughts in my coronavirus updates on my blog.

My sources of information

I base my actions on NHS and WHO guidelines. In addition, I read The Economist for updates on the global socio-political situation and progress of the research for treatments and a vaccine. Last but not least, I listen to my family living in Germany for what their government advises, as the German response to the pandemic so far has been one of the most successful in Europe.

I tried to give a sound idea of the measures I’m taking to keep you and me safe on this page. But I know not every eventuality will be covered here. If you have any questions, please contact me and let’s chat.

Are you planning a party in 2021?

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