Flamenco dancer for Spanish restaurants

I’m hoping that not too far into the future it will be safe to go to restaurants again. I love eating out and of course I particularly enjoy Spanish food, maybe accompanied by a lovely Rioja or other Spanish wine 🙂 It’s so nice for sharing with loved ones and friends.

I’m excited to show people a good time again. Everyone deserves to enjoy themselves and after a long time of hardship I’m hoping to make a contribution by providing joy, excitement and beauty. Read on to find out what Flamenco dance performances work well in Spanish restaurants.

Regular Flamenco dance shows for your restaurant

People are always impressed when a Flamenco dancer comes on. It makes their meal an out-of-the-ordinary experience. I perform fun and celebratory Flamenco dances in my colourful, authentic costumes, incorporating the traditional abanico (fan) and mantón (shawl) as well as explosive footwork, fast spins and gorgeous arm movements.

With the right physical distancing guidelines in place, this show may already work when lockdown eases and government guidelines permit it. To find out about how my shows can be safely performed, please read my page about health and safety during the pandemic.

Flamenco dance shows for parties and events

If you have a function room and host birthdays and other parties, you could offer your clients the cherry on top by proposing they book a Flamenco dancer for their special occasion. I’ve found that clients are very happy about this, because sometimes they didn’t think of the idea themselves or didn’t realise it was possible. They also appreciate a recommendation by someone they already trust.

Flamenco dance show followed by interaction

Whether it’s for a private party or for the whole restaurant, my show can always be extended with interaction. This could be for a special occasion like New Year’s Eve, a football after party or even a regular institution where you offer dinner and dancing. After my Flamenco dance show, I stay on the dance floor and encourage everyone to join in. I teach easy-to-follow Flamenco dance moves and create an exuberant and fun atmosphere.

I hope this blog has given you a good idea of the options. It’s always best to have a chat about your ideas, because every restaurant and every special occasion is different.

With the warmest wishes,

Lucia the Flamenco dancer

Book Flamenco entertainment for your Spanish restaurant

I create stunning, beautiful-to-look-at and rousing Flamenco shows in colourful costumes. Let me help you create a special, memorable experience for your customers by sending me an enquiry with your ideas and any questions.

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