Flamenco dancer for festivals and outdoor events

It may be this year or next, but we will be able to celebrate music, arts, culture, shared interests and being together again. And when it’s safe to do so, let’s remember how much we missed that and enjoy every moment of blissful happiness 🙌

Why book a Flamenco dance show for your outdoor party?

Dance is one of the greatest ways to celebrate life and feel joyful. Flamenco dance expresses emotions. A performance thrills the dancer as much as the audience. It creates a bond between them and elevates the shared moment to something extraordinary.

Lucia was incredible! Despite the soggy weather, she brought sunshine with her incredible personality and amazing talent. I absolutely recommend her if you’d like your event to become a party. She got people up and dancing in a way that was inclusive and wonderful. We will definitely be working together again!

– Johnny M., University of Essex

What can I expect from a Flamenco dance performance?

First of all expect intense, vibrant music. Flamenco dance is performed in beautiful, colourful costumes. A Flamenco dance performance is rousing and high-energy. It will leave the audience wanting to join in.

Is Flamenco dance suitable for roaming and site-specific performances?

While a traditional performance takes place on a wooden stage, Flamenco can be performed in many settings. It’s performed amongst family in the living room, on theatre stages and in intimate bars. I believe it can also be performed in other settings, because Flamenco can create so many different atmospheres and feelings. It just needs a conversation about what you want to achieve to agree what will work best.

Does Flamenco dance offer opportunities for participation and interactive activities?

Absolutely. From a formal class accessible to everyone including dance beginners to a free follow-along session many formats suitable for all ages are possible. I pride myself in my ability to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. In the end, that’s what really matters for a successful celebration.

I hope this blog has sparked your curiosity. While it’s not possible to book shows, we can still have a conversation. So feel free to send an enquiry with your ideas for when it’s safe to celebrate in person again 🙂 Alternatively, you can sign up to my newsletter if you’d like to stay in touch and hear from me once in a while.

Book a Flamenco dancer for outdoor events and festivals

I create stunning, beautiful-to-look-at and rousing Flamenco shows in colourful costumes. Let me help you create a unique and memorable experience by sending me an enquiry with your vision and any questions.

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