Spanish themed birthday party ideas

We will be able to celebrate off Zoom and in the real world again. I don’t know when exactly, but we will! And when we can, I encourage everyone who loves Spain and has been missing its Mediterranean beaches, its glorious food, music and dance to celebrate Spanish themed birthday parties with their friends and family 🙂 .

If you work for the NHS or want to throw a party for someone who does, please let me know so I can apply a special thank you discount for you. And now let’s see what I recommend for that first safe party.

Flamenco dance entertainment for birthday parties

Birthday celebrations are my forte: a fiery, exciting, high-energy Flamenco dance performance will be followed by fun interaction and activities for all your guests.

Be entertained on your birthday

First, I will perform for you in my beautiful Flamenco dresses made in Andalusia. My dress was tailored in a small dressmaker’s shop in Seville. It’s the typical dress worn at the traditional feria. My dances bring together dramatic and expressive upper body and arm movements, visually stunning spins and exciting, furious footwork. For your birthday, I will select celebratory dances typically danced at family parties.

Be celebrated on your birthday

If you like, I can invite you onto the stage to be celebrated on your special day. This can be informal and improvised or an agreed format depending on what you would like best. Especially after this difficult time, I think we need to cherish and honour what we’ve been through but also remember all that we have and that life will be great again.

Be excited on your birthday

Nothing celebrates life as much as dancing with abandon. It’s my speciality to get everyone onto the dancefloor and enjoying themselves. I can teach easy-to-follow Flamenco dance moves, lead a spectacular conga line and generally create a fun and and joyful atmosphere. And that is the secret to a memorable party!

Here’s what one of my clients said:

Lucia has so much energy and ability to engage with her audience and her dancing was stunning. We had the most wonderful time and Lucia’s presence really contributed to making it a day to remember and so much fun. Sandra L.

I hope this blog helps you look forward to a beautiful birthday celebration when it’s safe to do so. Until then, let’s stay safe and hopeful.

Warmest wishes, Lucia the Flamenco dancer

Book Flamenco entertainment for your Spanish theme birthday party

I create stunning, beautiful-to-look-at and rousing Flamenco shows in colourful costumes. Let me help you create a unique and memorable night by sending me an enquiry with your thoughts and any questions.

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2 thoughts on “Spanish themed birthday party ideas

  1. “It is always a good feeling of being entertained and celebrated at your birthday party, and if the party has a fun theme, then nothing like that.

    I liked the Idea of the Flamenco dance at the party because it would lift the whole venue’s mood and become a great entertainment source.
    Thank you very much!!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Luca! Lovely to hear your thoughts.


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