Flamenco entertainment for Spanish pub nights

I love pub food! But I also know that many publicans like to put on special theme nights for their regular customers and to attract a new clientele, and a Spanish one is my favourite. Why?


  • Spanish food tastes amazing, is extremely varied and great for sharing
  • It’s easy to cater for many dietary requirements
  • There’s a perfect Spanish drink for every occasion
  • It makes you feel properly summery, even on a grey winter’s day or during the glorious British Summer 😉
  • Spanish ambience, decorations and entertainment make a big impact but don’t break the bank

Spanish entertainment for a tapas night at the pub

So if you’re thinking of putting on a Spanish paella or tapas night, what entertainment should you go for? Broadly, you have three options and which one is best for you depends on your space, technical set up and style. Let’s look at the possibilities!

Flamenco dancer Lucia Schweigert Spanish theme pub night

A Flamenco guitarist for sophisticated and understated events

If your atmosphere is very elegant and exclusive, and your customers come to you for a quiet and relaxing dinner, booking a Flamenco guitarist is a perfect choice. Flamenco music is beautiful, expressive and evokes many different emotions and memories. This option is also ideal if you haven’t got much space.

A Flamenco dance show for exciting and entertaining events

To give the event a high-energy highlight, chose a Flamenco dance show in colourful Andalusian costumes. This will surprise your customers and make everyone smile and feel good. A Flamenco dance show is exciting, rousing and full of passion and beauty. This option requires a dancefloor or large enough floor area for a safe and enjoyable performance.

A Flamenco dance show and interaction for parties and dance nights

If you have a dancefloor or offer music concerts, then your audience might ove to get involved once their dinner has settled a little. After my show, I encourage people to join me on the dancefloor and can teach simple Flamenco moves. I’m an expert at breaking the ice and will and create an inclusive and fun atmosphere for everyone to join in with.

I hope this blog has given you an idea of your possibilities. Of course, all of the above ideas also work if you hire out a function room for private parties and I’m sure your customers would be grateful for your recommendations.

If you’re interested in more Spanish theme party planning, check out my series about Planning the perfect Spanish theme party including in-depth posts about food, drink and decorations.

Book Flamenco entertainment for a Spanish themed night at your pub

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