Spanish entertainment ideas for corporate events

I believe that corporate events and work parties should be professional and have the highest production values. They should also offer the opportunity for all employees to come together and celebrate the company’s success and their individual contribution.

A Spanish theme party offers the perfect framework for all of the above, is easy to accomplish and packs in excitement for all the senses. Here I introduce the main elements for a successful event, which I’ve learnt about in my 10+ years of experience performing at private and corporate events and parties.

Planning the basics of a corporate Spanish theme party

Spanish tapas and paellas are great for sharing and provide a huge range of options for different dietary requirements. Red and yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag, help create warm and vibrant decorations at any time of the year. Spanish drinks, including sangria and a growing tradition of artisanal beers, cater for every taste.

When you enquire about my Flamenco dance shows, we can have a chat about the options and I can recommend great caterers I’ve worked with in the past.

Planning entertainment for a corporate Spanish theme party

Some companies prefer a formal event, others a more relaxed and casual party. Flamenco dance is great for both. You can either book “just” a show and sit back and relax while being entertained. Or you can add creative, inclusive interaction to get everybody up and dancing. Both options create an exciting, shared experience.

Planning icebreakers for a corporate Spanish theme party

Whichever way you chose to go, I think it’s important that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys themselves from the very beginning.

  • Starting with a meet & greet sets the scene for an interesting and unusual evening and provides an opportunity to take fun, memorable pictures together.
  • Teaching some easy-to-follow Flamenco dance moves to popular Latin and Spanish music encourages people to join the dancefloor in a playful and easy-going way.

I’m a specialist at inspiring people to join in and pride myself in my ability to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed this overview. If you’re not ready to start planning just yet, I invite you subscribe to my quarterly newsletter to stay in touch.

Book a Flamenco dancer for your corporate party

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