Strictly 2020 Week One: Ranvir and Giovanni’s Paso Doble

I loved week one of Strictly Come Dancing 2020 and was delighted that it featured a Paso Doble. Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice were the first couple to perform my favourite dance. I loved the traditional costume and the simple but powerful setting.

What song did Ranvir and Giovanni dance their Paso Doble to?

They performed their Paso to ‘End of Time’ by Beyoncé and the interpretation worked magnificently. I’m always curious how the dancers will adapt a traditional dance to a modern song. This combination worked very well and I felt that Ranvir was pushed by the intensity and emotion of the song.

How did Ranvir do in her first performance on Strictly?

I was very impressed by her performance. First and foremost for me: she has style and she uses it! It’s clear that dance is a whole new world to her, but the way she managed to express herself through the movement was wonderful. Dance is only partly the steps and the music. The final ingredient is your style and it’s often difficult to express this until you have mastered the other elements. I love it when a celebrity manages this so early on. Even Craig had nothing to criticise about her delivery! Let’s remind ourselves of their amazing dance.

What is Giovanni’s secret?

I would love to be able to attend one of Giovanni’s rehearsals. He helps his celebrities understand the fundamentals of dance so quickly that I’m surprised by it every year! Ranvir’s frame and posture were excellent and I could tell that she was dancing from a strong core.

At the same time, he clearly also works on beautiful details as well, for instance hand movements. How do they manage to learn all this in just one week?! Ranvir’s hand movements were very well executed and had feeling and expression.

Head judge Shirley commended Giovanni’s choreography by saying that he managed to make Ranvir look like a superstar while doing “just” basic steps. This comment points to something I find really important: it’s not just the amount of steps and content. It’s how you dance and embody whatever you’re given.

What are my expectations for Ranvir and Giovanni?

I would like to see her increase her core strength, so that she can take wider strides and “eat” more space with the breadth of her movement. I’m also curious to see how she will interpret her upcoming dances and how she will apply the style and elegance she has already found to those different challenges.

Motsi commented that Ranvir had made the biggest improvement since the launch show, and I agree. It’s quite astonishing how much you can learn in a week and I look forward to what she’ll show us next.

I also hope that witnessing such a transformation motivates others to dare applying themselves to new, exciting challenges in their own lives. It’s always possible to grow and experience new wonderful things.

Enjoy week two tomorrow and start casting your votes. The show starts at 7.10pm on BBC One. Until then: keeeeeep dancing!

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