Throwing a Spanish theme birthday party

Welcome to my 10-part series “Planning the perfect Spanish theme party”. I’m covering party planning, food, drink, entertainment, activities, music, decorations, birthday parties, dance parties, and invitations and favours.

This is part 9: Throwing a Spanish theme birthday party.

Surrounding yourself with the people you love and care for the most is a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Your celebration is an opportunity to express yourself, to step out of everyday life and do something special.

Let’s pause the research and planning for a moment. Let’s stop listening to everyone else’s advice on what to do. Let’s instead focus on what you really wish for your birthday.

A short exercise in imagination

Imagine budget and practicalities were no restriction at all, how would you really like to celebrate your birthday? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how you’d like to feel.

  • What colours can you see?
  • What sounds can you hear?
  • Where are you?
  • Who is with you?
  • How do you feel?

Did you really do the exercise? Go on, give it a try, it won’t take long and it’ll be so worth it.

Whatever you imagined, even if it was completely impossible to do it exactly how you saw it, there’ll be a way to create the same feeling on whichever budget and with whichever practical restrictions you may have. You “just” have to allow yourself to be creative, to step away from what you “have to do” and “how things are done”. Follow your heart and find imaginative ways to make you feel great on your birthday. Okay, now that the inspirational part is over 😉 I invite you to explore the other posts in this Spanish theme party planning series. They’re full of practical and creative ideas covering every aspect of party planning.

Bringing the joy of dance to your birthday party

Dancing is the ultimate expression of joy and such a fun activity. You can incorporate dance into your party in many different ways.

  • Be entertained by a professional dancer,
  • Learn to dance or pick up a choreography with your guests, or
  • Simply enjoy dancing the night away.

If your guests might be hesitant to step onto the dancefloor, a professional dancer will know how to encourage everyone and get them to celebrate by dancing together.

Dance is great for you if you’d like to be the centre of attention on your special day. Your entertainers can invite you onto the stage and lead you into the spotlight.

If that’s not your cup of tea, let yourself be absorbed in the celebrations while still ensuring you have a real highlight at your party.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your wildest wishes for your Spanish theme birthday party come true. This post is a bit unusual and if you were looking for much more practical information, have a look at my page dedicated to birthday Flamenco entertainment and get practical party planning advice in my posts so far. Let me know any questions and what you found most helpful in the comments.

Are you celebrating an important birthday next year? Or would you like to surprise someone else?

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