Planning a Spanish theme dance party

Welcome to my 10-part series “Planning the perfect Spanish theme party”. I have covered party planning, food, drink, entertainment, activities, music, decorations, birthday parties, dance parties, and invitations and favours.

This is part 10: Planning a Spanish theme dance party. Olé 🙂

Learn to dance Flamenco at your party

Flamenco is a complex, intricate dance. It’s a culture. A way of life. But when broken down to its essentials, it’s a wonderful and accessible activity for an important occasion. It’s emotional, expressive, fulfilling and cathartic. It’s a great way for a group of like-minded people to come together, be challenged, have fun and feel amazing.

You will get a taste the main elements of Flamenco dance:

  • Proud posture
  • Powerful carriage of the arms
  • Exhilarating footwork
  • A spin or two
  • Clapping and rhythm
  • Supporting each other with jaleo, the encouraging words called out to the performer

A taster class for Flamenco leaves you happy, liberated, feeling proud and uplifted with group spirit.

Learn a Flamenco dance at your event

In addition to the taster, you can learn a short choreography bringing together the elements you have learnt. Flamenco consists of many very complex rhythms that are hard to absorb in one session. But a few palos are counted in four making them accessible to a mixed-level group. Luckily these palos are also very celebratory and therefore perfect for a dance party.

Dance the night away

If learning to dance seems too much or isn’t for everyone, for instance at a larger party where only a smaller number of guests choose to participate, you can get everyone to dance by opening the dancefloor and playing a mix of Spanish and Latin party classics. Everyone will be able to choose their degree of participation in fun dance games and the absolute party-must of a conga line 💃.

At what type of party can I incorporate learning to dance Flamenco?

  • Hen dos
  • School activity days
  • Team building
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Charity events

As you can see learning to dance Flamenco can be part of different types of events. Each will be a little different and it’s best to have a chat about your individual options.

Together with the other elements of your Spanish fiesta – the food and drink, the music, activities and entertainment as well as the invitations, decorations and favours – dancing will make your party a wonderful, memorable success.

I hope this post and the entire series help you plan an incredible Spanish fiesta! Most importantly, be guided by what you really wish for and not by what others say is the done thing 😉 Let me know what you found helpful and what you’d like to know more about in the comments.

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