Flamenco dancer for a corporate event

One of my summer shows this year was for a corporate update. The company had won a Spanish client recently, hence the Spanish theme. What a great idea!

Read on for my tips on how to liven up your regular corporate updates.

Spanish theme corporate party

Choose a fun theme, instead of just ticking the boxes and going through the motions. This does not have to break the bank, but gives your planning focus and purpose. A Spanish theme is easy to facilitate and creates a big impact.

Ingredients for success

It’s simple: food and drink, colours, music, entertainment. Tapas and paella are great for sharing. Red and yellow make a warm and vibrant theme. There’s a Spanish wine, sangria or beer for every taste. Mix up Spanish and Latin songs. Book a Flamenco dancer. Et voilà – you’ve got yourself an exciting party!

Entertainment for a corporate event

Some companies prefer a more formal, celebratory do, others want to let their hair down a bit at the end of a busy quarter. Flamenco is great for both. For formal corporate events, choose a Flamenco show of several dances. For more casual parties choose a Flamenco show followed by mingling with the guests.

Icebreakers for a work do

With Flamenco there are several ways to break the ice. This is my recipe for success: 1. Take fun, memorable pictures together. 2. Learn some easy-to-follow dance moves that everyone can join in with. 3. Do a conga line for team spirit. 4. Dance the night away!


Lucia performed at our company event, and was fantastic! Everyone really enjoyed her performance, and it got us all in the celebratory mood to continue our evening! I would highly recommend hiring her to enhance any special event. Many thanks Lucia! – Ellen D., Divido (submitted via email)

If you’re planning an event to end Q3 or your Christmas party, get in touch to bring the Spanish fiesta to your company.

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