Host a Spanish night in your pub

A Spanish theme night is a great idea for a special event at your pub or restaurant, because it’s fun and easy to accomplish while making a big impact. Your customers will enjoy it with all their senses!

It also works well at any time of the year – it transforms the British Summer into a Spanish fiesta, and in winter it provides a great form of escapism.

These are three simple, atmospheric ideas to surprise your regulars and attract a new audience.

Host a wine or craft beer tasting

Spain has a long-held wine tradition and offers wine for every budget and taste. It can be served alongside a cheese and charcuterie platter. Less known, but maybe all the more interestingly, Spain also a has seen a growing craft beer movement over the last years. Both wine and beer also go perfectly with traditional tapas.

Throw a tapas fiesta

Great for sharing and for offering something for every taste, tapas are the quintessential Spanish pub food. They can be served as part of a menu or buffet depending on what kind of vibe you’d like to create. Tapas are also very practical for catering to a variety of dietary preferences and requirements.

Plan a paella party

Paellas are cooked in big pans and come in several varieties so that you can serve up different flavours and provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. The best way to serve them, would be to actually have the big pans in your garden and create a show around cooking it!

All three options can be hosted in a relaxed and casual atmosphere or served in a formal and elegant setting.

Flamenco entertainment for pubs

To put the cherry on top and transform the event into an extraordinary experience, don’t forget about decorations, music and entertainment. Check out my blog about out-of-the-box Spanish theme decoration ideas for inspiration. And if you’re curious, I invite you to explore my Spanish theme entertainment options for restaurants and bars.

I hope you enjoyed reading this overview and found inspiration to get you started.

With creative wishes,

Lucia, the Flamenco dancer

Title photo: Boris Nunez

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