What to do for wedding entertainment

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning your wedding can be an exciting and fun time.

With this blog post I hope to help you decide on your wedding entertainment by asking you some questions that will kickstart your planning.

Based on my experience of performing at many different weddings as well as organising and loving my own wedding (and preparations!), I’ve come up with 5 initial questions. Answering them will help you make an informed decision. The questions cover practical and emotional matters, both of which are important when it comes to your special day.

Ready to find out what’s the right wedding entertainment for you?

1. What’s your goal?

I want to wow my guests. – How about a specialist act like a fire artist or acrobat?

I want to express something important to me. – A dance company or band that performs your favourite dance style, music or song could be for you.

I want all my guests to be involved. – A dancer / dance company or band, or both, that gets everyone up and dancing.

2. What’s your budget?

Low. – A solo performer like a musician, close-up magician or a solo dancer, e.g. Flamenco or Belly Dancer, can give maximum impact for minimum budget.

Medium. – A dance company or a specialist skills performer could be for you.

High. – It’s a special day, why not go all out and get everything you ever dreamed of.

3. How long is your wedding?

One evening. – One act or a band could be a beautiful choice.

One day. – 2-3 acts and/or a band that fit well with each other can complement your special day.

Several days. – You could bring together several different types of acts and a band to mix things up and create a variety of moods.

4. How many people do you want at your wedding?

20-80 people. – A solo act can make a great impression without being overpowering.

Around 100-200 people. – A group show or vibrant solo act will be able to create the right atmosphere.

500+ people. – Several acts and/or bands can be used in a variety of ways to produce maximum impact for every guest.

5. Where will you celebrate?

An intimate restaurant. – If there’s a stage, consider a solo dancer. If there isn’t, a close-up magician or solo musician could work beautifully.

A function hall. – A dancer/dance company or band could get everyone on to the dancefloor.

A mansion with grounds and gardens. – Several acts – some on stages, some roaming – can help create different atmospheres in different parts of your venue.

Bonus question: what’s the feeling or vibe you want to create at your wedding?

Close your eyes and imagine the day. How do you and your partner want to feel and how do you want your guests to feel?

I hope these questions have sparked your imagination. I specialise in Flamenco performances for special occasions and pride myself in being not “just” a great dancer: In addition to delivering a stand-out show, my forte is getting your crowd up and dancing and having a magnificent time together.

If that’s something you’re interested in, check out my services and most importantly get in touch for a friendly chat. Together we can decide what works best for you and your partner, family and friends.


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