How to plan a Spanish Theme party

A Spanish Theme party is great all-year long. Why?

  • It’s a fun and versatile theme that allows for lots of creativity
  • It’s simple to execute
  • It’s suitable for Christmas parties, summer garden parties and everything in between
  • Creating a big impact is cost-effective

I have danced at many celebrations and learned a lot about how to make a party a success.

These are my 6 tips for creating a successful Spanish theme party.

1. Book Flamenco entertainment for your party

To create a highlight at your party, book a Flamenco dancer. Either announce the show in advance to build anticipation or surprise your guests! I can advise you on what will work best with your guests. You can explore the options on my services page.

2. Choose your venue strategically

Choose a Spanish restaurant with a private space that fits your party size. You can also celebrate great Spanish theme parties in your own home or garden, versatile event spaces, local halls and even in an office.

3. Enjoy planning and designing the decorations

The venue may already be beautifully decorated. But if you’re in charge of your own decorations, don’t worry. A Spanish party lends itself well to current trends such as large flower showcases like flower walls or flower entrances and also to traditional favourites like little Spanish flags, napkins, table pieces and pretty name cards. You can also use fans; they’re especially useful in summer and always a great photo prop!

4. Have fun with the dress code

The real aficionados should invest in a Flamenco gown, the traje de Flamenco! You can get one tailor-made or you can buy it from specialist shops like El Mundo Flamenco in Mayfair, London. Don’t think you’ll only use it once! Once the Flamenco bug has bitten you, you may well want to experience the ferias of Andalusia. If that’s a bit too much though, get yourself a fan, which will come in handy during the next heatwave, a mantón de Manila, flowers for your hair or a Cordovan hat.

5. Go all out on the music

Start with the Gipsy Kings and Los Manolos. Add your favourite Latin classics and then mix in your all-time favourites. This is something your DJ can assist you with.

6. Serve delicious Spanish food and drink

Last but not least! Spanish food is great for sharing and so makes excellent party food. Throw a Spanish tapas party if you just need small bites (that can still fill up a crowd) or go all out with a real paella in a massive pan! For drinks, serve a giant Sangria bowl and plenty of Spanish wine!

I hope this has gotten you excited for your next party! What’s it going to be, an anniversary, a birthday or even a wedding reception? I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a fabulous event. Get in touch.


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