How I prepare for a performance

Just before going on stage I go deep inside myself. I take a minute to be grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and make people happy with it. It’s a very special moment in which thankfulness, serenity, excitement, control and immense passion and love for what I do converge inside of me. On stage is where I release this fantastic feeling and share it with the audience. It’s the best sensation in the world to feel it reciprocated by the audience and to share this unique and unrepeatable experience with one another. It’s why I love my work!

In order for the performance to go perfectly, a lot of preparation happens long before this.

Regular class, practice and rehearsal

I know my dances inside out, because I rehearse them regularly. I also practice technique exercises and take weekly classes to hone my skills and grow continually. In addition, I work out and do Pilates to keep my body fit for performance.

Packing and checking

I enjoy taking some time to pack my bag with my costumes, accessories and make-up, because to me it’s a ritual that’s part of the process and it allows me to focus on the performance ahead of me. While I do this, I check that everything is in order and I might fix a little something here and there, for example if a seam is a little loose or so.

On the day of the performance I will have everything readily packed already. This way I can’t forget anything in the heat of the moment. Every performance is exhilarating and I always get excited beforehand! It’s a great feeling of anticipation.

Make-up and music

I will do the basis of my make-up at home and then complete it when I arrive at the venue. I usually get there a minimum of one hour before my performance time. This gives me enough time to say hello to my client, have a look at the performance space, and speak to the DJ or technician. And of course to get changed, finish off my make-up and warm up.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

My drama teacher at London Studio Centre where I trained in Professional Theatre Dance used to say this. It’s absolutely true, so I’ve made it my motto. How do you prepare for important occasions? Do you have a ritual that gets you in the zone?

My preparation guarantees that I’m always in the right zone to deliver an outstanding show for my clients. Get in touch to book my Flamenco show for your party.



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