Why Lucidez Dance?

Hi, I’m Lucia, a Flamenco dancer for birthday partiesweddings and corporate events.

I often get asked why I called my act Lucidez Dance.

Lucidez means brightness and clarity in Spanish. I like to think that I bring a bright highlight to my clients’ special occasions and that the booking process and run up to their event is 100% clear and easy to manage.

People come to me for entertainment, but then realise that more than just the skill of dancing, it’s the engaging atmosphere that I can create that makes their party extra special.

I’m an expressive dancer and bring lots of passion and fun to my shows. My dancing is emotive, entertaining and colourful. But I’m not “just” a dancer. I connect with the people around me, I generate a lot of positive energy and create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone.

One of my proudest moments was receiving this testimonial from my client Johnny at the University of Essex, where I’d performed for their European Street Party on a day with the most miserable weather…

Lucia was incredible! Despite the soggy weather, she brought sunshine with her incredible personality and amazing talent. I absolutely recommend her if you’d like your event to become a party. She got people up and dancing in a way that was inclusive and wonderful. We will definitely be working together again! – Johnny M., University of Essex

The weather that day was so terrible that I wrote a blog post about what to do if it rains on the day of your party, which I hope alleviates some of the worries around this.

If this post has caught your imagination and you’re interested in hosting a Spanish theme party full of zest for life and laughter when things return to normal, get in touch with me.

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I create fun and passionate Flamenco performances for Spanish theme parties.

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