Strictly Come Dancing has ended

With a smiling and a sad eye, it’s time to write the final Strictly blog of the year. Did you watch the finale? What a night! And two Paso Dobles made it into the couples’ favourite dances from the series 😊

I think we can learn a lot from this fabulous show!

What do you take away?

Will you try a dance class?

Will you go and see a show in the West End or on UK tour?

Will you dare something you’ve always wanted to but haven’t yet?

Would you like to feel the enjoyment of dance?

Can you apply the discipline and dedication the contestants prove to your own passion area or to your work?

What do you enjoy passionately in your life? Can you do more of it next year?

A feeling of wondrous surprise at the magic of dance

I always go away from Strictly hugely inspired. So many great dances, choreographies, theatrical concepts, astounding sets, hair and make-up and mind-blowing performances. So much positivity, so much achievement, so much enjoyment and passion. So many emotions (I cried in the finale! And not only in the finale!)

This year I won’t start learning a new dance style. I love bringing Flamenco to people’s parties and special occasions. I also continue to enjoy performing other dance styles such as Brazilian Samba, Contemporary Dance and the Charleston and I love dancing Swing and the Charleston with my boyfriend in my free time. That’s enough 😊 for the time being anyways.

I see dance shows as well as theatre and musical theatre as much as I can. It’s one of my greatest pleasures of living in London.

Growing creatively, physically and artistically is a continuous journey and every step of the way feels quite daring to me. I’m glad to know that investment and dedication pay off and I’m lucky that all the hard work I invest in training pays of in the extreme joy that dance gives me.

Seeing how the Strictly professionals and celebrities train, always helps me to confirm that I can only reach my goals through dedication and hard work. This year, Stacey Dooley inspires me and reminds me to stay light-hearted about it and always maintain a feeling of wondrous surprise at the magic of dance.

What are your answers? Whatever they are and whichever area of your life you can apply them to, I hope that you also “Keeeeep dancing” 😊.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!


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