Stacey and Kevin’s Paso Doble

Finally! I’ve been waiting for Stacey and Kevin to Paso Doble for weeks, but it was worth the wait 😊

Stacey brought everything I love about her to this Paso Doble. Bruno has said this several times throughout the show and I agree: Stacey brings an authenticity to each dance that is absolutely delightful to witness. Her performances create such a strong feeling of bliss and “simple” joy in the viewer. What a gift! I admire it.


Stacey is lacking some dance technique. Not every step she takes and every move she makes is technically 100% precise and all that, but I say: “Whatever!”

Technique is irrelevant in and of itself, it’s a means to an end. That end is dance and Stacey dances! In many ways I am even more impressed by the impactful and accomplished performances Stacey creates despite that lack of technique. A lack that, by the way, is perfectly understandable for someone who’s only trained for a few weeks. It’s so easy to forget that, because by Week 10 the contestants seem to have danced forever. It’s actually unbelievable what they achieve in such a short space of time and I think it’s testament to the show’s professional dancers who must be incredibly sensitive teachers!

A proper Paso Doble

Kevin’s choreography met my high expectations too. The musicality and drive and sheer speed were phenomenal. It looked as if Kevin pushed Stacey right to her edge with brief moments where I thought she might not be able to quite hold it together. But she did! She kept control and, in many ways, this constant closeness to losing it, yet time and again maintaining control, makes it a great Paso Doble. A Paso is about bull fighting after all! If it’s too placed, it can’t be real or can you imagine a bull being placed, completely under control and predictable…?

Love of dance

I was really impressed and also surprised by the nonchalance Stacey brought to the choreography. Her performances are always full of confidence, style and swagger. And yet, when the performances are over, she seems somewhat surprised at how good she is and how much she loves dancing. On and off the dancefloor, you can just tell how much dance has come to mean to her.

And that’s why she’s my favourite. And it’s also why I love Strictly so much. Witnessing other people discover the love of dance is a precious privilege. I find the transformation Stacey has gone through deeply moving and inspiring.

Stacey and Kevin’s Paso Doble in Week 10 of Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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