Strictly week ten 2021: Rose and Giovanni’s Paso Doble

While week nine was sadly void of Paso Dobles, in week ten we were redeemed with a fantastic Paso by Rose and Giovanni! I had been looking forward to this since their Viennese Waltz in week five, a performance that captivated me so much that I made an exception to just writing about the Paso Dobles and poured my thoughts about why it was so amazing into a blog! You can read it here.

Rose and Giovanni Paso Doble to California Dreamin’ by Sia

Rose and Giovanni Paso Doble to California Dreamin’ by Sia

Acquiring physical knowledge

For the Paso Doble, we look for qualities like strong and determined. Rose delivers those, but somehow it’s more and that’s where her magic and uniqueness lies. It feels to me as if she knows very deep inside what she wants to achieve and “simply” does it. As if Giovanni has explained the meaning and quality of the dance so well during that one short week of rehearsal, that she has soaked it up into her physical knowledge and embodies it already. I find that her physical investment is incredibly high. It feels to me that she immerses herself so deeply and fully into the dance that she yields a rich result in very little time. I find that incredible and utterly inspiring.

How to approach dance

Is it to do with her acting expertise? With how she approaches a role or a scene? Is it to do with self-belief and confidence? With an ability to take risks and push far? These are questions I reflect on after every one of her performances. They inspire me when I go into my own rehearsals and shows.

Being a dancer is a never ending journey. You can always discover something else. I love that. Strictly allows us to witness how great artists and people apply their rich and varied expertise to dance. It’s one of the show’s greatest gifts to us that we’re allowed into such an intimate, vulnerable and personal process. In 2020 I was mesmerised by Bill Bailey and how he approached learning to dance through his musical expertise. This year it’s Rose.

A Paso Doble on the edge

Other than that I haven’t got that much to say, haha. It was a stunning performance. Cool, stylish. Nearly understated. Like a roaring fire in an elegant fireplace. We can see how wildly it burns, but it’s contained and doesn’t erupt uncontrollably. It’s on the very edge of safety and feels dangerous, but never looses control. I can see this dance as part of a larger story. It leaves me wanting to see more.

Torso and carriage of the arms

Rose’s torso and carriage of the arms are beautiful. They’re so accomplished that you don’t notice anymore all the work that goes into achieving these very advanced qualities. It looks completely second nature to her. I can’t wait to see her next performances and which dances Giovanni and her will do in the final.


Because I’m convinced we will see the couple there! Rose and Giovanni’s partnership is special and deserving of every success. Year after year Giovanni fascinates me with how he creates connections with his partners. It’s out of this world. One day I’ll write a whole blog about that.

Time flies and so it’s already the quarter-final! Watch it on BBC One on Saturday 4th December 2021, at 6.40pm.

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