Bringing my modern dance act to life

What if during lockdown a dancer had a beautiful, daring idea for a new show? What if step by step, with safety front of mind and driven by hope and the desire to express herself creatively in a whole new way, she created a new act that set her soul on fire and that she was sure would be loved by her audience too?

I’m Lucia and I’m that dancer 🙂 At the weekend, I finally got to shoot photo and video material of my modern dance act and it felt phenomenal. I can’t wait to take it to audiences soon!

When performing it, I feel free and exhilarated. It’s hard to know what it looks like from the outside when you’re dancing it. But seeing the footage captured by my wonderful photography artists Liz Gorman, I know that the spirit of the performance is not only transferred to the outside, but magnified thanks to the gorgeous costume by Andie Scott.

This performance is an homage to the pioneering spirit of modern dance and brings to life Loïe Fuller’s skirt dance spectacular. I loved performing it for the Royal Academy of Arts in early 2020 and now I cannot wait to bring it to imaginative, wonderful events and capture a whole new audience with it.

Visually stunning dance act for events

The costume transforms through movement and light. It looks spectacular from the outside and stirs emotions on the inside for me and those watching. I love that depending on the music, lighting and exact choice of movement, the show creates different atmospheres. It’s very versatile.

The show can be booked for weddings, corporate events, award ceremonies and charity galas as well as themed and immersive parties and film and photoshoots. I’m based in London and can perform across the UK and internationally.

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The picture above shows the satisfaction at the end of the weekend. I call it “it’s a wrap” 🙂 If you’d like to see what this act looks like, head over to my blog about my performance at the Royal Academy!

Book a visually stunning dance performance for your event.

I created this show for events that dream, that have a bigger purpose, that want to push the boundaries of imagination. If that’s you, get in touch with me now.

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