Flamenco dancer for hen dos and weddings

Flamenco embodies passion and emotions. It’s the perfect dance to celebrate lifelong love. Watching a show and having a go at dancing yourselves indulges all your senses, ensures that everyone feels excited and engaged and creates memories for times to come.

  • Celebrate your love through Flamenco dance, the dance of passion
  • Feel excited and indulge your senses
  • Engage everyone in a joint experience
  • Create lifelong memories

Flamenco entertainment and activities for weddings and Spanish theme hen dos

I create beautiful-to-look-at and engaging entertainment for your party that gets all your guests together. Watching a Flamenco show is inclusive and entertains all ages, from children to aunties and uncles, grand and great-grandparents.

After my show, I offer taster Flamenco sessions. Flamenco is a life-long pursuit when you get deeply into it, but at its most basic it’s accessible, fun and very empowering to learn. You’ll learn to dance in a proud, strong posture, feel great and look stunning. I will teach you the characteristic stomps (ladies, you may want to take off your heels 😉), spins and arm movements. We’ll also try claps and beautiful hand movements.

If a taster session in the form of a tutorial class doesn’t feel right for your crowd, an informal follow-along-style session to Spanish and Latin party music to get you onto the dance floor might be the better choice. I will create an exuberant atmosphere encouraging everyone to join in and can also do a wonderful conga line to your favourite party song.

Flamenco Dancer for hen dos and weddings Lucia Schweigert
Flamenco dancer for hen dos and weddings

Both options are super fun and inclusive for all ages, abilities and also reduced levels of mobility. I teach people with no dance experience from nursery to retirement home age and everyone always ends the sessions feeling absolutely great and blissful!

If you’re getting married in 2021 and you love Spain and its culture, get in touch with me now, so we can have a chat about your celebration.

Book a Flamenco dancer for your hen do or wedding

I deliver beautiful Flamenco shows in gorgeous, colourful costumes and love engaging with your crowd, getting everyone dancing and ensuring you have the time of your lives!

Fill in the form below to make an enquiry and receive a personalised, no obligation quote. Not ready to make an enquiry yet, but like to know more? Please get in touch with me via the contact page.

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