Flamenco dancer for 2021 parties and events

Usually at this point I would start by saying that you need to plan early to have the celebration of your dreams. Of course, planning is one of the things that has gone out of the window this year. Instead, I’ll say that having a conversation is the most important first step to take. So I invite you to read about my shows and explore my site, and to get in touch if you’re interested or have any questions.

Flamenco show for birthdays and other private, corporate and charity parties

I invite you to choose from one or more of my celebratory, high-energy Flamenco dances. I will bring the passion and drama of Flamenco to your party.

Imagine vibrantly coloured costumes and envision a sunshine and fiesta atmosphere that is guaranteed to get your party started.

Flamenco show followed by interaction with the guests

In addition to my show, I will stay on the dance floor after my performance to mingle and take beautiful pictures with the guests. This is when I help create a super fun atmosphere! I engage and connect with you and your audience and get everyone up to dance to have the time of your lives.

This is the show that we can’t do while the pandemic isn’t under control. But once it’s safe to do this show, it will be the best way to reconnect with your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

I pride myself in my ability to create a vibrant, life-loving atmosphere full of gratitude for all that is beautiful in life and celebrating friendship and family. And that’s exactly what we need after 2020. I can also lead a spectacular conga line and teach characteristic, easy-to-follow Flamenco moves.

New Flamenco fusion show for corporate events, award ceremonies and charity galas

I spent much of 2020 creating a unique new show that fuses the expression, colours and passion of Flamenco with the rawness and emotion of contemporary dance. It’s a storytelling dance act performed in a sophisticated, stylish costume. In combination with beautiful lighting, this is a visually stunning performance for once-in-a-lifetime events and special occasions and I can’t wait for it to see the light.

Meet and greet Flamenco dancer for Spanish themed events

You can add a meet and greet in one of my beautiful Andalusian costumes to any of these shows. I will welcome your guests with a warm smile and can also take beautiful pictures with everyone.

Flamenco dancer for film and photoshoots

Last but not least, I also model in creative and corporate film and photoshoots, where I can supply my own costumes or become part of your creative vision.

I wish you all the best for a prosperous and, most importantly, healthy New Year.

With the warmest wishes,

Lucia, the Flamenco dancer 💃

Book a Flamenco dancer for your 2021 party

I hope this post has inspired your imagination. Why don’t you have a look at my testimonials next to hear what my past clients had to say about my shows?

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