Flamenco dancer for New Year’s Eve 2020

Who else can’t wait for 2021? I’m hopeful that the New Year will bring a much-improved global health situation and that worldwide people will be able to enjoy celebrations together with friends and family again.

Plans for New Year’s Eve parties are usually done and dusted by this time of year. Not so, this year. I’m happy to chat about the options and possibilities and have prepared a page dedicated to my health and safety measures during the pandemic. A personal, no-obligation chat is the best way forward I’m sure 🙂

New Year’s Eve entertainment for restaurants and hotels 2020

  • Socially distanced Flamenco meet & greet
  • Gorgeous, colourful Flamenco costumes
  • Exuberant, celebratory Flamenco performances

Welcome your guests to this special evening with a safe Flamenco meet & greet. I will wear a gorgeous, authentic Andalusian Flamenco dress to create a warm and out-of-the-ordinary welcome.

An exuberant and celebratory Flamenco performance will take everyone’s mind off the troubles experienced this year and create a wonderful moment of respite.

My goal is always to bring a sunshine atmosphere. This year more than ever, we deserve to feel good, to give ourselves a special treat and to celebrate and be grateful for what we have, all while being safe for ourselves and those around us.

I invite you to read about my health and safety measures during the pandemic and to get in touch with any questions you may have.

I hope this post has inspired and reassured you. For now, I wish you all the best for Advent and Christmas!

Book a Flamenco dancer for New Year’s Eve 2020

Hire my fiery and passionate Flamenco performances adhering strictly to government guidelines for your socially-distanced NYE event. Create joy and warmth, and show your guests they can still have a great time befitting of New Year’s Eve.

Fill in the form below to make an enquiry and receive a personalised, no obligation quote. Not ready to make an enquiry yet, but like to know more? Please get in touch with me via the contact page.

By submitting your request you agree to my Website T&Cs.

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