Spanish theme Christmas parties

Why choose a Spanish theme for your Christmas party

  • Fun and easy
  • Scrumptious and versatile food
  • Selection of wines, spirits and artisan beer
  • Spanish restaurants offer party space
  • Golden and red accessories make an office transformation easy

A theme gives your party focus and makes planning easier. The Spanish theme is fun and easy to create. Opting for a Spanish theme party means you’ll have scrumptious and versatile food that’s easy to serve and adaptable to all dietary requirements, as well as a lovely selection of wines and spirits. For the beer lovers amongst you, Spain has a growing artisan beer tradition.

Plenty of Spanish restaurants offer space for parties. Alternatively, it’s easy to transform your office into a Spanish fiesta space with golden and red accessories. Try sourcing from eco-friendly party suppliers and encourage your colleagues to take decorations home afterwards to wrap their presents in. Both colours work wonderfully at Christmas.

Spanish entertainment for corporate Christmas parties

  • Flamenco dancer
  • Exuberant performances with options for traditional Flamenco music or Flamenco interpretations of Christmas carols
  • Icebreakers and interactive activities

Opting for a Spanish theme means you can bring excitement to the party in the form of a Flamenco dancer. Flamenco is widely known for its passion. A Flamenco dancer will bring a celebratory and exuberant performance and can help break the ice with interactive activities: learn Flamenco movements together, participate in a conga line, take pictures with the dancer and get on the dancefloor.

Flamenco dancer for Christmas charity events

  • Sophisticated and elegant performances
  • Meet & greets
  • Colourful, high-quality costumes
  • Memorable pictures

If you’re wanting a less boisterous affair, but still need a stand-out entertainment experience, book a Flamenco show on its own without the interaction. The Flamenco dancer will deliver a sophisticated and elegant performance brimming with passion. A meet & greet with the dancer in her colourful costume will set the right tone at the beginning of the event. Dignitaries and award winners can take memorable pictures with the dancer.

A Spanish theme lends itself particularly well, if you run projects in Spain, but also works if you like to mix things up and create a different experience with every event you host.

Client testimonial for Flamenco entertainment at a corporate party

Lucia performed at our company event, and was fantastic! Everyone really enjoyed her performance, and it got us all in the celebratory mood to continue our evening! I would highly recommend hiring her to enhance any special event. Many thanks Lucia! – Ellen D., Divido (submitted via email)

Book a Flamenco dancer for your Christmas event

If this post has inspired you and you’re interested in booking Flamenco entertainment for next year’s Christmas party, then get in touch now. Booking early pays off. For now I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!

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