Flamenco dancer for retirement, care and nursing homes

I love performing in retirement, care and nursing homes. It requires a different sensitivity and responsibility to my usual bookings, and I’m proud to offer special rates to help create engaging, professional entertainment on their often challenging budgets.

Booking great entertainment on a budget

Many dances are most powerful when danced by groups or couples. Flamenco, on the contrary, is one of the dances that works incredibly well as a solo performance. So, you don’t need to feel like you’re limiting yourself, when booking just the one performer. A solo Flamenco dancer will deliver a spectacular and engaging show.

In addition, I offer mingling with the audience after my show. This can be measured to suit your home exactly and can include getting people up to dance, learning moves and taking pictures together, and creating a conga line through the home!

Booking an engaging show for people of all ages and abilities

Flamenco is very exciting and rousing. It’s beautiful and passionate. It awakens the spirits and engages mind, body and soul. The music is very emotional and passionate and invites the audience to feel enthralled alongside the dancer.

All this is very important for entertainment in care homes, because the show should be clear to understand and the emotions accessible to everyone. That way the show will provide interesting stimuli for conversation and physical activities.

Booking a sensitive performer who responds flexibly to a variety of situations

I have experience performing for children, pensioners, patients with long-term illnesses and vulnerable people. Every human being should experience joy and I love sharing my love of dance with people who may not have much opportunity to engage with dance. It’s fulfilling and satisfying to see the good dance does, even in just one afternoon or evening.

I’m sensitive to people’s varying degrees of wanting attention, dancing along, being calmer, stepping to the foreground or background, and respond accordingly so that every audience member experiences my show at just the right level of engagement and excitement.

If this post has caught your imagination and you’d like to host a Spanish day, get in touch with me now.

Book a Flamenco dancer for engaging and inclusive entertainment

I create fun and passionate Flamenco performances for Spanish theme days at retirement, nursing and care homes.

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