Learn Flamenco at your party

A successful party is one where all the guests dance the night away together. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement and the permission to live your best life on the dancefloor. That’s what I’m here for: after my performance, I stay on the dancefloor and get you and your guests up to dance.

In my experience there’s usually some guests that just need the invite and they’ll jump up straight away. Then there are usually those guests that need gentle encouragement and last but not least there are often some people that feel a bit anxious to join the dancefloor or even think they can’t dance at all.

Everyone can dance!

I genuinely believe this from the bottom of my heart. That’s not to say that everyone can be a Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer in a few minutes, but in my definition of dance, which is having a good time on the dancefloor to the rhythm of the music, absolutely everyone can dance! All you need is a bit of faith in yourself and the willingness to give it a go.

My definition of dance: Having a good time on the dancefloor to the rhythm of the music.

This is my recipe for a great atmosphere at any party

Find the beat with your feet

In Flamenco you have a clear and strong beat. In Latin and Spanish pop music, which I often mix into my after-show mingling music, you can also distinguish a beat easily with some guidance. Stamp this beat with your feet and you’ll soon feel it in your body.

Add strong, expressive arms

One of the main characteristics of Flamenco is a powerful carriage of the arms. The more you commit, the sooner you will find the flow. Follow my demonstration and you’ll soon get a sense for the music and how your body can move with it, rather than against it.

Shimmy your shoulders

This is not a Flamenco move, but it’s so much fun that I love to add it during my mingling. Shimmying doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but even giving it a try is great fun. And if it’s feels natural to you, then I encourage you to go for gold: it’ll release endorphins in no time.

Move your hips

Everyone can move their hips. How smoothly might be a question of self-confidence, disposition and practice, but by now you’ll be having such a good time on the dancefloor that you’ll love giving this a go!

Learn simple steps

Now that we’re all warmed up and know each other well, we can learn some simple, easy-to-follow steps. Follow my demonstration and enjoy yourself!

Has this post left you itching to shake a leg? Then get in touch to book my Flamenco show followed by mingling for your next party.


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