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I recently took the ‘Photography: Developing Your Eye’ blogging course from The WordPress Blogging University and used it as inspiration to create a few posts that tell you a little more about me. I hope it helps you get to know me through the power of photography! Every post is prompted by a theme from the challenge. Next up was ‘Solitude’.

Lucia at the Alhambra in Granada


In my last two posts I shared my love of people with you (Connect and Bliss). Today is about solitude, and so I chose this picture I asked a fellow discoverer to take of me on my solo trip to Granada a few years ago. I visited the Alhambra by myself and soaked in the atmosphere, the silence, birdsong, sunshine, history speaking from the walls. Being on my own meant I could go deep inside myself. I think I entered a near meditative state, which was exactly what I needed after weeks of intensive Flamenco training with pained feet and muscles, the head brimming with new ideas and my soul filled with music and love of dance.

Have you ever travelled on your own? Have you been to Andalusia? What were your experiences? Let me know in the comments or get in touch to book Flamenco for your event.



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